Nu Metal Anyone?

Any fans of "Nu Metal?" I find that I could not handle most of this stuff on a below-average rig. I like the way the thick layers of drop-d tuned guitars and electric basses comes through a SET amp. I remain dedicate to jazz and blues, but sometimes Nickleback, Puddle of Mudd, The Donnas, et al can be a good time.
Yeah, thats my cup of tea alright.
I wouldnt classify it as metal though.
Dont forget Staind,Dream Theater,Perfect Circle and Audioslave.
Check out 'Disturbed' 'Godsmack' 'System of a Down' 'Linkin Park' 'Ramstein' (sic)? 'Alice In Chains' 'Static X' lots of good metal out there.
Korn should be explored as well.With 7 string guitars and a 5 string bass guitar this band thunders!
Yo, yo, yo,.  NO!!!!