Nu force Reference 9 w/maggies?

Anyone tried NF Ref 9 with MAGGIES? I was wondering how they sound with the 1.6s? I am using a DeHavilland Ultra Verve pre.
I haven't tried that particular combination, but they should sound fantatic. They would definitely have enough power and with the excellent tube preamp, I'm sure you'd be extremely pleased.

Presently, I have a set of Ref 9s which will play my VMPS RM30s at a fairly high average level without distortion or clipping. The room is about 14x30, with a very high vaulted ceiling. The sound fills the room well, and the whole house, for that matter.

I have another system using Newform Research Module 30 speakers with a sub, which uses a pair of NuForce Reference 8s and a TAD-150 Signature tube preamp. It's in a smaller 12x14 ft room; it plays quite loud when called for and sounds glorious. I'd say go for it. I'll bet you'll be surprised at what the Reference 9s can do for the Maggies.
You might consider trying one of our regular Audiogon contributors and manufacturer's A_rt of Analog Research' switching amps. I believe he uses Maggies as well.
That is correct. I have old MG-IIBs. I do have customers running that model.