Nu Force IA 7 Integrated - Any Users?

May be downsizing in the future and relocating off shore. So if anyone has any info on this integrated amp, it would be appreciated.
I'm a dealer and have one. I have taken it to two audio shows as a backup unit, and at both shows it ended up in the system in place of the intended preamp (one damaged in shipping, the other zapped by an overnight voltage megaspike). Since it has saved the day twice now, I'm pretty fond of it.

Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like a subjective commentary on its performance.

IMO a very high value integrated that delivers a powerful, detailed but not edgy sound. If Class D characteristics are your cup of tea, this is a winner.

But - some people, self included, cannot quite 'digest' the Class D sound. There was a pretty good writeup/discussion on what this seems to be (as it is hard to describe) in TAS a couple of issues ago.

I think not everyone's hearing is affected by this, though. As usual, try it and see.