NSMT Speakers?

Has anyone heard of this speaker company? I'm looking for a full bodied, time coherant design that can be placed close to the real wall. After doing dome searching I came across this speaker mfg. and am interested in their "Chorus" model- http://www.nsmt-loudspeakers.com/brochures/chorus.html

Pleace let me know if you have heard their speakers, or have any comments on the design in general. Thanks
"We make the best loudspeakers". Says so right there on the page.

The Chorus has a sensitivity of 96 dB, bass extension to 35 Hz, and an internal volume of about 1/2 cubic feet.

The gap between a truly high-end company like NSMT, who makes the best loudspeakers, and a hack like myself, is truly astounding:

I have built speakers that are roughly ten times the size (and ten times the cost) of the NSMT Chorus, and mine do not match the combination of sensitivity and bass extension that the amazing little Chorus offers.

Now I'm embarrassed to even write this... the thought crossed my mind that perhaps NSMT is measuring with a different yardstick than the one I'm using. But then I remembered that they make the best loudspeakers, and I don't, so who am I to question them?


(yes, I really am a speaker manufacturer)
"Nothing you have seen and nothing you have heard prepares you for The Chorus audiophile on wall loudspeaker."

Quote from website.
If they said it on their website, it must be true, right?
They used to simply be NSM Speakers. I owned the 10S. Terrific speakers, sealed boxes. They were also a sister company to Role Audio. They began in Florida but moved to where they are now. It's been a while (7 years) since I owned the 10S. I also had the opportunity to talk to the owner on the phone. He was a pleasant, helpful individual.
Not to jump on anybody's bandwagon here, but they were showing their model 100M at the show here in Atlanta last weekend. I found them to be quite an enjoyable speaker, certainly not something that I would totally discount if I were in the market for loudspeakers. The designer(forgot his name) was also quite knowledgable and friendly. The pitch "best loudspeakers" might be a stretch but they were better than a number of other speakers (costing a lot more money)that I listened to that day. Again not trying to sway anyone, just my two cents. And I have no affiliation with this speaker manufacturer.
I auditioned a pair of NSM floorstanders (don't know the model)a long time ago. They sounded very good, had good bass for bring so small. I wouldn't count them out because of the over the top sales claims.
Here's a review of the NSMT 100M speakers from Positive Feedback: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue54/nsmt.htm
Thanks guys! It looks like they might be decent speakers, based the feedback from previous models.

Since posting this iv'e also been looking really closely at the Direct Acoustics Silent Speaker II which is also another unknown company.
I have had a pair of NSMT speakers for more than a year and find them to be very good. It took me a while to understand the design, but it sounded good in my room, better than other options in my range—under $6,000.

I was set on a stand mounted speaker, and found little compromise in frequency response. I think some of the claims, and you can find silly claims from almost any maker, can be confusing because they do seem to be impossible. I've found that mine claim time coherency, but I've come to realize that time coherency for any design can only be accomplished in a small area, and that my speakers can't be perfectly time coherent as designed. They are minimum phase though, just as advertised, and the crossover is minimal—cap and coil.

What appears as an MTM design is really a ported three-way. It uses variants of the same 6.5 inch SEAS TPX driver. One driver is made to be sealed in an acoustic suspension box. The other appears to be the same driver but has a different magnet, tuned to what I suspect to be semi-ported design. This driver, I suspect, runs full range while the acoustic suspension driver gets the coil. Now I may have this wrong, but it does explain how a design can be transmission line and acoustic suspension, both.

Errol Rickets is the designer. He's a nice guy, and I feel like I got an amazing deal. I would not hesitate to audition any of his speakers. I think he has some very creative solutions and also puts lots of ear-tunning time into his designs.
Just a followup to the troll by audiokinesis about our Chorus speaker. " The NSMT Chorus Powered Wireless Speaker is a forward-looking design that may point to how most speakers are designed in the future." Massage: Spend more time doing research less time trolling.
Nothing beats on the wall for close to wall placement. That much is  for sure.
@NSMT2- said
Spend more time doing research less time trolling.
You might want to take your own advice; spend more time on research and less on marketing BS. If you have bothered to look at Audiokinesis’ post history on this site, or research his company you would find that Duke is a highly respected, long-time member of this forum well known for being very helpful; providing detailed technical advice on acoustics and speaker design; and conversely NOT known for plugging his products. He also very clearly identifies his position in the industry in every post, which you did not. While not an absolute requirement on this forum, it IS good manners to do so. See for example, this thread https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/dealers-hijacking-the-discussions/post?postid=1479462#1479462.  So who’s the troll?

Duke is one of the good ones. Maybe the best in terms of providing accurate and useful information for buyers.
nsmt21 posts12-20-2017 1:03pm
Just a followup to the troll by audiokinesis about our Chorus speaker ...
I don't want to pile on, but a first-time poster calling another a troll is almost a certain indication that the first-time poster is himself the troll. C'mon.

Duke said nothing about "Powered Wireless Speaker"  On that account, the thread of NSMT2 was selling. 
I don't doubt very good speaker designs coming form these folks, but I would like to see accurate specs. 
Of course you can't judge everything by specs alone,  as far as this particular Chorus speaker quoted,  it looks like a Seas 8 inch, although I am not positive,  in the series that I believe it is,  8 inch drivers run 93 to 94 db sensitivity, so if they are measuring "in room response" I can see them calling it 96db sensitivity. 
Erol, Re:Audiokinesis......Go get um...."The proof is in the pudding" You have been selling NSM now NSMT and Role for how many years now? Just think of it as professional jealousy. Someone just doesn't know that to reproduce a response of 65 Hz to 20 kHz  one can use a small cabinet Dave from Ohio
Direct Acoustics Silent Speakers are designed by Winslow Burhoe. Mr. Burhoe founded EPI. They are manufactured by Huw Powell. He owns Human Speakers. Huw worked for Genesis Speakers,a spin off of EPI. 

in 2017 @nsmt2 wrote:

"Just a followup to the troll by audiokinesis about our Chorus speaker. "The NSMT Chorus Powered Wireless Speaker is a forward-looking design that may point to how most speakers are designed in the future." Massage: Spend more time doing research less time trolling."

I had forgotten about this thread, just now stumbled across it.

Yeah I laid on the sarcasm pretty thick in my 2011 post... which was uncalled for. I should has said nothing. I apologize.

I wish you well in your endeavor.


Nice of you Duke. Don't know if you remember, but many years ago when my company was NSM Audio and located in New York you called to compare notes about the loudspeaker business. Best regards.
Mike Kay  did the Monitor 100’s  come in? Bob
I heard these speakers at Teajay's a couple of months ago.  I went to Mike Kay's to hear them again and they are amazing.  Incredible time machines that have great dynamics, great tonality and amazing resolution.  These might be the best $12,000 speakers that you can buy.
What is really amazing about these speakers is that they transport you to the hall where the performance happened!  These unassuming speakers might be the best on the market today.  This company has been in business for the last 30 years and it is incredible that they have flown so far under the radar!  This status is about to change with this speaker!
Way late into this thread, but I’ve just done my research, called NSMT, spoke with Erol, and ordered a pair of the 30m’s and a sub. I’ll let you know what I think but I’ve been listening to used Audio Physic and PMC, so I thought these would be good for me.