NRG Custom Power Cables ?

Does anyone have experience with this Canadian manufacturer?

sounds to me like a company that Audioquest ought to be looking to sue for name/copyright infringement
I just received their top-of-the-line power cord with a 20 amp end for my power conditioner. The build quality is superb. The sound of my system improved noticeably over the stock cord with improved imaging, separation of performers and instruments and better bass. I will probably go through my entire system with these. The price is amazing considering the build quality and performance.
You can contact me directly if you like.As far as the name goes, my name is Nawaz Rakim Ghani, hence the NRG.Cheers!
@glreno are you still using the NRG cable? If so, did you purchase more as well?

I have used everything from Signalcable to multiple Shunyata Delta NRs in my system. Best synergy I have found so far is silver over copper construction Voodoo Cable. I have to admit that I am curious about the effects of the .1CS and "The 5" could be. 

If anyone has any personal experience with these cables please chime in. 


So please share what power conditioner did you put the 5 in front of and what are the components used in the system?

P.S. Anyone else hear any comments regarding  NRG The 5 Cable?
I recently purchased the 5. It does a better job of providing true sound than the JPS labs power plus I used previously. I actually am stunned by the difference. When life gets back to normal, I’m switching out more
this feeds a Rotel HT receiver with bypass I use when listen to vinyl.  The detail revealed on vinyl I thought I knew well is overwhelming 

My initial impression once I opened the box was the build quality fit and finish was top notch and never mind the Anaconda thickness and weight. I rate this build as good as it gets for up to 4 - 5 X the Price.
Now the listening sessions:
The 1st. thing that jumped out at me from a cold start and no break in was the bass. After running through many genres it was evident how composed and tight it was as well as delivering noticeable texture and layers as well as gowing much lower than before. After a full 100hrs of breaking in I sat down again amd listened even more so  not to miss inform. Well I can say that the Bass was all there with tight and muscular with plenty control again dipping down lower than before with a noticeable tones and layers. The mids where not hot or cold it was perfect natural through out never thin and never too thick yet silky smooth hold its composure throughout the spectrum. Now for the highs, it again was was able to distinguish the texture and sweet sizzle of the cymbals and the many little micro dynamics they produce, as a percussionist I zero into this intently as I listen. Putting in in simple terms everything sounded real not veiled not harsh not exaggerated guess that is the beauty of natural. After owning many power cords in the past wont mention whom costing many times over, I see no reason to ever spend a penny more.
Great Job!

@blumartini - what did you connect the PC to? Do PCs do you have on your other components? Did you think the weight of the cord will cause problems with the IEC connector staying in place? Thanks.

I use a leviton 20 amp Hospital grade receptacle nice and tight and it works great. I'm running amp and dac directly to the wall. All others shunyata 6000T.

Must say these power cords are the absolute best bang in audio no doubt. Trust me. I have had them not to mention over 5--10k. Leave it at that.
I have purchased a power cable and speaker cables for bi amp system. First off NRG had numerous correspondence with me to ensure he was building the proper cable I was looking for. This included pictures of my connection points and terminals. I am running a Lindemann Source 20 with 2 Lindemann Power 55 amps. PMC TB1 signature speakers and a JBL Sub. I wanted to bi amp my system so needed new cables to do it. First impression when they arrived was the build quality. Superb attention to detail and finishing. I was replacing Audioquest cables and there was no comparison. Sound quality was better but was that due to bi amping or the cables? Regardless I am very happy both with the product and the service. 
I have had The 5 power cable running into a Devialet 220 Pro CI and use Mr. Ghani’s 6:6 speaker cables in biwired configuration to Sonus Faber Olympica IIIs. I am a fan. There is a clarity to what I am hearing which I was getting with the Audioquest Thunder or a Voodoo Thunder power chord. The speaker cables replaced DH Labs Q10 Signature cables. The bass is the first thing you notice but then the effortless nature of the midrange on female vocals, as well as nuanced treble (instead of hot treble) gives an overall ease to the music that I haven’t heard previously.

Science and math indeed.
I am a fan the cables are well constructed and outperformed my pricier Shunyata king cobra power cables used on my powered woofers for my speakers...great customer service too!!!