NRG Custom Power Cables ?

Does anyone have experience with this Canadian manufacturer?

sounds to me like a company that Audioquest ought to be looking to sue for name/copyright infringement
You raise a good point. 
I just received their top-of-the-line power cord with a 20 amp end for my power conditioner. The build quality is superb. The sound of my system improved noticeably over the stock cord with improved imaging, separation of performers and instruments and better bass. I will probably go through my entire system with these. The price is amazing considering the build quality and performance.
You can contact me directly if you like.As far as the name goes, my name is Nawaz Rakim Ghani, hence the NRG.Cheers!
@glreno are you still using the NRG cable? If so, did you purchase more as well?

I have used everything from Signalcable to multiple Shunyata Delta NRs in my system. Best synergy I have found so far is silver over copper construction Voodoo Cable. I have to admit that I am curious about the effects of the .1CS and "The 5" could be. 

If anyone has any personal experience with these cables please chime in.