NRG control 401s where can I get info? specs

Category: Amplifiers

I have this amp and need the schematic or to talk to someone who is familiar with this amp
Elliot Midwood at Acoustic Image used to be a dealer for NRG he may be able to help you. Check the web for contact info
Nice but rare amp, any competent audio geek should be able to trouble shoot and repair. The key is competent.

Try to contact Steve/Terry at (216) 544-6615.Terry repaired a 401S without schematics.It appears as though the driver transistors are not adequately heat-sinked and will pop.You may need to contact member Nexusrlee,as I understand that he bought the remaining transistors used in that amp-driver/output.If so,eome else works on it,be sure to check the drivers/They will measure fone while in are actually damaged.