NPS-1260 Connection fluid

Interesting item.  May try.

any others use it?
I have used Perfect Path Technology Graphite and the 1260 and both products produce great results in soundstage and clarity.  
I just completed painting all contacts in my system except for the fuses.  Afterwards I immediately played some music on my Modwright 5400 Signature Truth CD player.  I wasn't expecting a great improvement right away, but the SQ was way better than I thought it would start out at.  The bass had texture I've never heard prior and the details and soundstage width just made me laugh at times it was so great.  I've already got many black boxes in the system that each have made very significant improvements, but this was big.  I 'm going to enjoy the next 2 months of it getting even better as it goes.  Prior to this, I've experienced the improved sound from pasteing the contacts with PPTC and knew what to expect--the 1260 may be even better sounding than the TC by the end.  It goes on easier and takes less to do the system.  I have about 235 individual contacts if you count each pin on a tube plus the rest.  I did all the contacts coming from the black boxes too.  Before today, I had painted at least half of the contacts 3-5 days ago--followed by several listening sessions.  It sounded better after doing then, too. Not nearly as much jump in SQ as today was, however.  Today's painting involved all the RCA male pins, and 90% of the AC prongs and IEC prongs, along with all contacts used by my TT/ arm and cartridge.  

This stuff is absolutely a great tweak that all should use.  The sound becomes even more real, detailed, dynamic, and 3D big time.  My SP Tech Revelation Mk-V speakers Had sounds coming from door to door on each side of the room.  It's hard to believe so many new sounds were now heard or were much easier to hear since doing this.

If there are still unbelievers, too bad for you.  It is quite a bit of effort to do all the contacts in an involved system, but that is the only drawback.  At most, it took about 2/3 of the small bottle to do both my small home theater system and my big rig.  Someone could still easily do their entire system with what's left.  You use less material than the TC--maybe 55-65% as much.

You preferred the sound quality of Stabilant 22 over NPS-1260 in your system? What did you like better about it, other than price? 

Please advise