NPS-1260 Connection fluid

Interesting item.  May try.

any others use it?
Mispelled do should be due.  
+1 davkobza
I all so applied it in small amounts and got great results. Did not coat the whole power prongs  just the tips. About a half inch from the tip, thin coat got great results. Now that i see how good this product s i may go back and add more to each spot where i applied a small thin coat.
Spooky witch brew.  Imagine what it will do for my lawnmower.   Praise be.
People want to dismiss this product but I could care less. They’ve never used it and have no subjective experience to go on. I know it works, and that’s good enough for this end user. I bought the smaller bottle and still have enough material for applying to a few more systems...
@davkobza The smaller 1.5 ml how many cable ends did you do before empty ? Do you have any Mc .05 in your system ? What was the first thing you heard different after applying ? Time period you heard it ? 
Thxs for you help.