NPS-1260 Connection fluid

Interesting item.  May try.

any others use it?
It’s supposedly a contact enhancer. These are used when cables (or 6.3mm adapters - or any mental surface with contacts) oxidizes and therfore loses some conductivity. When this happens you may not hear sound in one channel or the other.

This product solves the problem:

The actual performance of your system is dependant on things you can actually measure: speakers, headphones, amps, DACs, CD players etc. - in other words "machines." And cables have no souls. Gingers do.
See: "Snake-oil??" thread.
I just bought a few gallons.  Got a quntity discount.

Even crappy speakers sound better.  So i buy this stuff and unpack all my old gear and it all sounds amazing.  Just saved thousands.  No need to buy better gear.  Sooooo happy.

so will it also improve car performance?  Spark plugs?  Battery?
  Thanks nps 1260
Total Contact ....

@millercarbon  I read what you wrote about this product. 

OP, check it out it. Overtime some conductivity issues can arise. it is not unreasonable to assume there is merit to this product.
There is merit to so much.  This aint one to seriously consider.  Has a 98% markup.  Spend money on accoustical panels.
I have used it and it is great