Now That You've Ripped Your Entire Collection...


So, you've ripped your entire collection of CDs to the hard drive, and you're blissfully streaming music for hours without having to fetch the silver discs. Everything was transferred with 'bit perfect' perfection.

What did you do with your collection of physical media?

If you've kept the CD collection, why?

If you got rid of the collection, why?, and what did you do with it?

Trying to make a decision here.
Coressence, my music server's raid is the TuneBank from Empirical Audio. Actually, it is from their Legacy division which is for pro audio. The drives can be hot removed and replaced. I really don't have any good ideas about backing up yours. Where you computer a Mac, you might inquire about using Time Machine. I know nothing about Windows machines, however.

I would talk with the Music Vault people about this.
Coressence, it appears that unlike the RAID array Tbg uses your Music Vault server does not utilize drives that are mounted in readily removable trays. So I don't think that his approach is applicable to your situation.

If that is correct, I would simply select a 2TB USB external hard drive from among those listed by at the link I provided earlier, taking into account the user comments that are provided there. Although keep in mind that those comments inevitably reflect a disproportionately high percentage of negative experiences, and comments that were not posted fairly recently may not be representative of currently manufactured product.

Also, I note that some and possibly all of the Music Vault models can accommodate direct connection of a USB external drive, which may prove to be more convenient than the usual approach of copying via a computer.

-- Al
Thank you Al and Tbg. Yes a USB external drive is the best solution for me. Sorry if my question hijacked this thread.
Although my music server sounds wonderful connected to my Audio Research DAC, the separate CD Transport that I use still sounds slightly better connected to the same DAC. Even when I swapped the inputs from optical to RCA for both. So, when I really want to listen, sometimes I'll play the CD over the Music Server. But, when I really, really want to listen, I'll play the album on my turntable, which is still better sounding than my digital set up. They all sound wonderful, but there are differences. in this order. 1) TT to phono stage to pre-amp, 2) CD Transport to DAC to pre-amp, 3 ) Music Server to DAC to pre-amp. So, in answer to your question, I think I'll keep my CDs.

I've now finished ripping the majority of my collection -- the good stuff -- to disc.

I now know what David12 said about how ripping 20-30 discs a day gives life some meaning. ;) What do I do with all my free time, now?

Oh, sure... I could actually listen to the music, but that's so... so... passive.