Now THAT'S Interesting!

On the 1983 album from Was (Not Was) titled Born To Laugh At Tornadoes, Ozzy Osborne is listed as the guest vocalist on the song Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed).
But wait, there's more! On the same album, Mel Torme is listed as guest vocalist on the song Zaz Turned Blue.
There are some others, also... 
Not surprising as...

Mel Torme did all the studio lead vocals for Guns N' Roses first Five albums.

Axl Rose only sang the live shows.


I probably shouldn't be posting this but...

Mel Torme WAS the walrus.
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Actually, it was Mel Brooks, not Mel Torme, that sang on the Guns and Roses tracks. He also played drums, I’ll have you know. Very talented guy.
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