Now I know what SACD is good for.

Rock and roll is my first love, but over the years as Ive built up my redbook rig, Ive found myself gravitating toward Jazz , Blues, even Big Band, simply because its easier to find more audiophile quality recordings. Reading posts over the years , kind of got the impression SACD is for the classical fan, and Im sure its very rewarding for them, but much to my delight, Rock and Roll is back thanks to SACD. Purchased the Stevie Ray Vaughan stereo SACD not expecting it to be much improved over redbook, but wow , when you turn it up, Stevie is smack in the center of the room. Then the Jeff Beck multichannel recorded in 1975, real real nice. Long live Rock !
I am one of those classical bozo's and I am really enjoying a lot of Rock SACD's that are being released. As long as the mastering is good, its usually a safe bet.
Darryl, which Stevie Ray Vaughan disk are you referring to? My palms are all sweaty in anticipation of ordering a copy.
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble . Texas Flood. Recorded in 1983. 15 tracks . Epic.
Way cool....I JUST picked this SACD up unheard, it was used and on sale at 30% off the used price. Paid under $8 for it ! Looking forward to the listen.

I echo the sentiment here. Some great stuff being released. I will probably do some Jeff Beck (I want the Live w/Jan Hammer released on SACD).

For those that like better-than-average female vox/songwriting, check out Eleanor McEvoy's new one, "Yola." Nice songs, nice recording, too.


Todd - chams_uk
couldn't stand the weather is also available really nice bass.
Check out "Tin Pan Alley" on the Couldn't Stand The Weather sacd..... it doesn't get any better than this IMHO.