Now Hear This

Anyone follow the PBS series? Great program.

I’m a big fan of the show. The latest episode has a cool audio moment. This guy has the right stuff. Beautiful everything

Scott Yoo and pianist Stewart Goodyear could care less about audiophoolery. At the 32:00 minute mark is where they hear the evolution of recorded music. Amazing!

You know you have a decent system, if it sounds pretty good thru an over the air TV broadcast, into  a 14 year old plasma(audio thru the rig). I can roll it in for an instant HT. I’m always surprised how good the audio is, particularly thru the PBS stations

What’s going on there? MBL, Clearaudio...? GEEK OUT! I think I can hear the MBL magic thru my speakers!
I saw the Haydn episode and plan to see more. I enjoyed it a lot. The Hungarian violinist was a kick! Great musician and lively character.

Yes, I've watched all of Scott Yoo's episodes and loved them. Putting the creation of the music into its historical and physical context is fascinating.  Getting to meet, virtually, some very interesting musicians and hear their passion for the music puts it in a personal context you don't get from listening to a recording. Highly recommended.
Thank you for sharing that episode.  I watched the whole thing and loved it.  I really liked the way they incorporated jazz and jazz improvisation to both contrast and bridge the gap between classical music formalism and other musical performance approaches.

As for the gear, the turntable is a Basis table, not Clearaudio.  I have a similar table, including the vacuum pump that clamps the record to the platter.
"As for the gear, the turntable is a Basis table, not Clearaudio."

larryi- The scene were a switch is engaged, I figured it was a vacuum pump. It's interesting that most pianist ARE NOT  improvisational as the guest was. A true mark of a magician-sit in, just PLAY-no sheet music in front of you.
Yes, definitely a Basis TT. Interesting watching them enjoying the music with no mention of the delivery system or fighting over the sweet spot. But then with those MBLs, the whole room is the sweet spot.
That is a Basis Inspiration with a SuperArm 12 with a Lyra Atlas. It is a beautiful room. I hate that he put the table right behind the left speaker. 

It is great to see young people involved with Classical music. 
"How many versions of the 20th do you have" Reply-13...
"I want to hear ALL of them"

They had  a nice session. The room is setup how I would do it. NOT look completely like a listening room, great view, no overbearing audio geek treatment ruining the  beautiful wood everywhere.