Now Hear This

I've been lookiing for low priced floorstanders for quite a while now. Thank you to everyone who has given advice in the past.
A local guy has a pair of NHT 2.5i that are actually in my price range. I've read all the info on the web and now need your help again. I'm thinking I can get a pretty good pair of speakers and stay within my budget. They are lightly used in great condition, $400.
Are these worth checking out? I can audition them but they aren't just across town, so I don't want to waste my time.
Can someone tell me about the sound. I know these are gorgeous, light maple colored sycamore with cream grills, and that isn't even considering their inherent cool shape.
Should I be turned off by that side firing sub? I never liked that but I really don't know why.
I have an Onkyo 805 receiver 130wts. I also have a def tech sub.
Quick opinions appreciated as they will probably sell fast.
I guess you know that NHT is not manufactured anymore...they are out of business. That said....the speakers are pretty good. I have them in my surround sound video system, and they are quite ok.
I can't think of one speaker that would come close to outperforming them for $400. They are quite decent to be sure. The side firing woofer actual helps with room issues in the bass sometimes. The receiver would work fine with them since the Onkyo puts out some real power. They are also bi-wire capable.
It's an excellent speaker. Certainly worth consideration. Good luck.

Thanks for the quick responses.
Can anyone help me with the sound:
laid back
sound stage
instument placement and separation...very important to me
I haven't heard them in too many years to give you accurate feedback on your latest questions. I do recall them to be quite musical and they offered a wide soundstage when properly set up.
As above, it has been some years since I have owned the 2.9's, the next up the line. I found them to be very accurate and revealing. The source and or amp went a long way in determining the sound. The shape of the speakers lended themselves too having to sit in the sweet spot too hear them at their best. Hope this helps some.
in the past, i had almost all nht speakers from the super zeros, super ones, 1.5's, and the 2.9's. all of them are very cool sounding speakers. nothing laid back about them. i went all totem and the totem are less fatiguing, much more musical. the 2.5's are a decent speaker. IMO, i would save your money and get a pair of used totem rainmaker, mites, or even the model 1's. you can spend all day listening to any of those. with the nht's, you will go find something else to do within an hour.
Thanks for that everyone.
I like detail but don't like fatigue. It seems to be a fine line. I know I like the "B&W sound". Don't know if I can have that for $4-500 though.
Just saw a pair of PSB Sratus Bronze towers in my price range. Would those be warmer than the NHT's but still have detail?
NHT is back.
I can't comment on the PSB's BUT I do know that if you like the B&W sound you will NOT be happy with the NHT's.The NHT's are fairly nuetral from the midbass DOWN,but the critical midrange has a pronouced bump,the highs are VERY sharp & they need a lot of power to sing.If you buy them be carefull with system matching.Mid- fi receivers,cheap cables,etc..should be avoided at all costs.Think NAD or the latest Marantz offerings with Audioquest cables.A better path at your budget would be a gently used set of B&W DM 602s or Quad 11L's from Agon or search the net for a good deal on a new pair of Wharfedale EVO2-10's(about $400.00 delivered).As a matter of fact there's a pair of last seasons EVO 20 floorstanders for sale here that are a great buy(under $400.00 delivered,warm & detailed with decent bass)).Hope this helps.
I would say that PSB speakers are generaly warmer than NHT.

I'd agree with Rbstehno, who found the Totem sound less fatiguing than NHT. I find PSB somewhat warmer than Totem.
I'm a fan of NHT speakers from that era. I think Ken Kantor was around during that time. I still use the SuperZeros and SuperOnes I bought in 1995, and I've always wanted a pair of 2.5s even though I don't have an application for them.

Give 'em a try. You can always sell them on A'goN if they don't float your boat.
I too am a fan of the Ken Kantor era NHT speakers. I always found them a pleasure to hear. They were not kind to less than outstanding associated gear.

Thanks everyone. I'm a little scared of these now.
I like the b&w sound so I'm guessing these are not warm enough for me. They may be the best I can do for $400 though.
Any thoughts on Wharfedale evo20's? They only go down to 50hz. Will that feed my bass need?