Now and then inexpensive and outstanding bargains.

What are some of the great bargains that help achieve an amazing system.
The oppo is one such bargain.
What others are out there?
Tim makes the axiom piece for the pure at heart the detailed awareness of all the instruments, you,ll be shocked i found a pair of kg4s on craigs/L $150 i just spent $1000 for a highly modded(awesome sound) a/r ls2 the axiom hands down is the ticket(sorry otto:{) i currently use $12 supra speaker cables had a $2000 pair of . my deck a pioneer 79 dvi Modded (thanks Kyle) is really incredible sounding something so simple Tim offers a modded axiom that is certainly worth checking out Good Luck
Yaqin(China)"MS-34D"Pure Class A-Tube Integrated Amplifier.40 w.p.c.x2@8/4 ohms(Ultralinear mode),Front Panel Switchable Triode Mode(20w.p.c.),Remote Volume Control,Tube Driven Headphone output,EL34B Power Tubes,HUGE Japanese made Power Transformers,all for WELL UNDER $1000.00.I've had this I/A for a little over a week now & am just blown away by the sound!It drives my 4 Ohm Dynaudio "Audience 52SE"speakers with authority & control.It plays LOUD without strain,has awesome imaging & soundstaging,& OH THAT TONE!The timbre of instruments is natural & lifelike.My last 2 channel rig was based on a VERY HIGHLY regarded Sim Audio I5 integrated amp & this little Tube I/A matches that amp head to head in every aspect except 2(image & soundstage)were it leaps ahead!An Audio Bargain in EVERY sense of the word!

here are 18 according to TAS...

I would add these:
Bright Star nodes
herbie's Audio Lab tube rings
Canare 4S11 speaker wire
Goertz Micro Pearls ICs.
J River Media Center or even the J River Jukebox. The latter is free!
Various exotic woods as footers available from woodworking cabinet or hobby, shops. cost? Might be free. Results will vary.
DIY HT screen material, < $175 incld. velvet trim tape.
DIY acoustic treatments. Roughly 10% to 25% the price of the standard versions of likewise items..
IEC to NEMA power cable adapters for breaking in power cords, about $5 ea.
STEREOVOX XV2 DIG cable %100 or less in 1M length.
The JVC RX-305 60wpc(?) stereo reciever I use for the speakers outside on my deck. A real bargin for 15 bucks at a yard sale.
speakers: rega rs, canton gle, psb image, triangle titus, monitor audio rs
subs: hsu
power amps: emotiva
passive preamps by luminous audio
musical fidelity v-dac
I was hoping to get more responses.
My next addition may be premature but I thought I would share it with the community, the audio experience a2se preamp is pretty amazing, it's not dirt cheap but it is reasonably priced.