Novus 1 as a CD/DVD Cleaner

    How effective and safe is Novus 1 as a CD/DVD cleaner?  It is quite a bit more price friendly than Shi-Nola.
I never used Novus on a CD, but I know it is safe for all plastics.  I do recall a product from Mapleshade - a CD polish that I felt actually improved the sound, but I don't have the patience for that anymore.  But you might also try a more aggressive Novus to polish the CD surface, finish with Novus 1 and see how it sounds.  
I've used the Novus #2 product on CD's and DVD's to clean them and to stop a skip on CD's and DVD's. I have not experienced a problem doing so and it has cleaned and stopped the skip.
Hi lak
Does the Novus #2 Work on all CDs-SHM coated SACDs and Blue Ray CDs with no harm?
Hello 68pete,

Good question and the best answer I can give you is I don't know.
I've only used it on red Book CD's but I have used it on Blue Ray DVD's without causing any harm that I could detect while listening to music or watching the Blue Ray on a high definition 55" flat screen.