Novum PMR

Hello everyone. I am considering buying the Novum PMR Premium Resonator. Does anybody here have experience with the Novum PMR? Thanks.

I do and the device does work as indicated. I also have experience with the ASI line of resonators as well.
Does the novum make such notable differences over the asi resonators at the same price point?

the reviews seem to point that it makes such a huge difference.
As an ex-professional drummer, I always knew that placing several bronze cymbals around the drumkit made the drums sound better - warmer and more ambient. With this in mind, I purchased a 12" or 13" Opera Gong from Gongs Unlimited for about $60, complete with stand and tried placing it on the table in front of my listening seat, midway between the speakers. I'm really past the point of conducting numerous A/B comparisions, but I tried listening to the music with the gong covered with a blanket and without. My experience was that the gong gave the music a more open and harmonically rich presentation. At least that's what it seemed. Could I tell in a blind A/B? Who knows and who cares. I just felt it was worth a try and, at worst, I'll be left with a dinner bell. BTW, it happens to be a very nice gong for $60 with the stand.