Novice tube rolling question - Line Magnetic LM-218ia

Question from an almost-novice for all you tube rolling experts out there!

I recently acquired a Line Magnetic LM-218ia and am happily rolling the tubes. The manual states that the stock driver tubes can also be replaced by EL34, KT88, 6550, or 6V6. (When I got the amp, it actually had 6L6GC tubes installed as drivers - and it sounds great!) I had assumed thus far that these different tube types are all drop-in replacements that can be safely used in this amp - drop ’em in, bias them up using the ampere meter built into the amp, and go - but now I'm wondering if that's actually correct.

I have talked to some other owners of this amp who have expressed reservations using some of these tubes interchangeably due to the higher heater current and lower max dissipation in some of them. I do want to make sure I am treating both the amp and the tubes right, and of course always want to be operating the amp safely. Is there any issue dropping these different tube types in as drivers? Does bias need to be calculated and/or set differently for any of them?

For example, I was about to roll in a pair of the Svetlana winged "C" 6L6GC... any issues there?

Thanks for any and all advice!
No issues with Winged C 6L6GC. Try new TungSol 7581A. Give them a few hours and enjoy. Have you tried rolling the 12AX7s?
Thanks, noromance - I’ll have to give the Tung-Sol a try. I rolled in Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759 and have been very happy with the change thus far. Other recommendations for the 12ax7?
Original Telefunken smooth plates. Clean, neutral and transparent.

Shuguang 12AX7LS Black Treasure phono grade from Grant Fidelity are the best I’ve heard. Like the Teles but better with more of everything. Need 20 hours burn in at least.