Novice trying to design a system for a loft

First off this is a great place. I have spent hours going through the forums and reviews. If I am duplicating, please give me a link.

I have about ten grand to spend, and already have the tv.
It is a loft with separate bedrooms with 12' walls. The ceiling is 15'

The main room is rectangular an is roughly 36'x 18'. The "space" allocated to the home theater is 15' x 15'

Again, I am oblivious. My goal is to get some components, that will stand the test of time. As technology changes, I will upgrade, but would like to have a few cornerstones.

Should I just get a baseline sysem, given the inherent sound of my situation?

I'd like an unabtrusive speaker system. I like the looks of the fpm from B & W.

What components would you suggest to make this work?

Thanks for reading this, and would appreciate your input.
I did a search in the discussions link and it returned 57 hits.enjoy...........
I wish I had your dilemma. My only suggestion is that you budget $500 - $1K for acoustic treatment of your space. You basically are living in a giant echo chamber, and no matter what you install, you are going to have issues with echoes/standing waves, reverb, etc.

There are lots of good choices out there. I would start with some acoustic panels and/or wall hangings made with acoustic absorbing material (not just foam). Good luck.
Thanks a lot for your input. This is a great site. I will go to someone who knows what they are doing, when it is time to pull the trigger. I do still have a few questions... and beg your pardon for my ignorance....

Does anyone know of a thread or site which explains the components needed and explains the function of the components needed to set up a quality system? With my research so far I understand the power cleaner, the avr ,quality wires and connections, the accostic treatment, and of course the speakers/subwoofer.

I am still a little fuzzy on the amp/pre amp. I understand the need to generate enough power to drive the speakers, but don't know if I need both or if the right avr will be satisfactory. When my neighbors have a rave (or whatever it is that they are up to on sunday at 1 am} it comes through loud and clear. Suffice it to say I don't need to peel the paint of the walls.

Is ther something else that I am missing?


for those of you who responded outside the forum, thanks, but no thanks