Novice question whats the difference in

application with a 20 vs 15 amp power cord. I'm looking at: Shunyata Sidewinder, Acoustic Zen Tsunami or Audience Oyxide for a McCormack DNA 125.
The plugs and sockets on 15 and 20 amp cords are different. The DNA 125 will most likely take a 15 amp cord.
Just to elucidate. I am sure the dna piece takes a reg. 15 amp cord. With regards to a 20 amp cord--the part that goes to the wall is the same,on both cords. The part that goes into the back of the piece is different. It has 2 horizontal prongs --a 15 amp has 2 vertical prongs---along with the ground prong,naturally.
A 20 ampere plug on a power cord has a horizontal neutral pin (the hot pin is the same as the 15A) that will only fit into a 20A outlet. It is not the same as the plug on a 15A cord. I would make sure that your amp and circuit/outlet are set up for 20A before getting a 20A cord.

Keep in mind also 15 amp cord will fit in the 20 amp wall receptical but a 20 amp cord will not fit in a 15 amp wall receptical........
Are your wall outlets electrically coded for 20A or 15A? Consider that each uses a different gauge of wiring within the wall. If your outlet is 15A, you should probably use a 15A cord. 20A cord can carry more current, which would mean that it may not trip a 15A circuit breaker when it is supposed to. I am not an electrician, but an interested audiophile and this is what I have read.
Thank you one and all.