Novice question - DAC on receiver/transport

Not that my aging ears will here the difference - BUT:

Had an old 5-cd Sony Changer with RCA/component out.

Recently stumbled into a champion $2 bargain - (Sony DVP-S7700, broken DVD - but CD transport just fine; sitting on a shelf in the dying days of Tweeter) - and simply hooked it up with the RCA jacks.

It occurs to me now (in the dying days of Circuit City) that I should pick up a cheap digital coax cable instead of using the RCA audio jacks.

My receiver is a nice - but older - HT receiver Onkyo Integra (DTR 7.1).

So I guess my questions are:

1) If I leave RCA connections, DAC on the receiver is used, correct?

2) If I use Digital Coax, how do I know which DAC is used? Is there a way to determine if it's the Sony CD/DVD DAC or the Integra DAC?

3) If I can select between the two, should I be using the Sony one or the Onkyo Integra one?

Sorry for simple nature of question.


Using the RCA (analog) jacks you are using the dac in the cdp and coax is using the dac in the receiver.You can actually hook both up to 2 different inputs on the receiver and a-b them to see what sounds better,I have a Sony ES cdp that I use for a transport to a Bel canto dac2 and I also have the analog (rca) hooked up.