Novice question about Internet Downloading.

I am currently using a Pioneer Universal Player(DV-58AV) with Space Tech Lab DAC, STL Headphone Amp, and Grado RS-1 Headphones. I am trying to gather information about Music Servers and downloading High Resolution off of the Internet. I am also interested in ripping my current CD collection onto Music Server Storage. I don't currently own my own personal Computer or I-pod, I am typing this via a Cybercafe account, not my Computer. Is there currently any combination of Computer/Music Server that can provide for Downloading of 24-bit/96kHz, and 24-bit/196kHz recordings off of the Internet-then store them as WAV files in a Music Server-then provide for Digital Balanced Output to a particular DAC for playback? I keep on hearing of WebSites that provide these High Resolution Recordings on the Internet, but USB will not carry these High Resolution recordings to an external Music Server. Is there a limitation on storing these type of recordings on the computers hard-drive alone? How are these High Resolution Recordings being Downloaded, Stored, and played back without using the Computers internal DAC or internal circuitry? Would it be better to modify a Computer with a high quality Balanced Digital Output to feed these Recordings to an external DAC? These are the questions that I need answered before I go the Music Server route. I don't want to end up like so many SACD Victims, spending thousands on the Hardware while being promised that tons of the Software is just around the corner. Please tell me that it wont end up being the same with Downloading these Higher Resolution Recordings.
So is there a chance you will purchase a PC in the near future? I'm not sure I understand that part?
I can't tell you it won't be the same as far as long term software availability, but if you are not a computer geek (just an audio geek) a very good way to go would be w the Sound Science Music Servers. They will download hi-rez files, and also auto-rip all your existing CDs and get the artwork. They will store them as WAV or any other format you want, with a mirrored auto-back-up drive. They will provide balanced digital output to your DAC. They will also stream the digital files via ethernet or wireless to a network player like the Transporter or Touch that can handle 24/96 files. Talk to Neal; he is very helpful.
Valid question, Vandermeulen. I am a novice of Computers, and I am just an Audio geek. I am Military Retired, and currently using a CyberCafe Computer on Base for free. I don't own my own Computer. I have been surfing the Internet for some time.
My purchase of a PC will depend on that Units ability to Download 24/96 and 24/196 High Resolution Recordings, and transfer to Music Server Storage. It seems that USB will not allow this with High Resolution Digital, or am I wrong. It would seem that this traps High Resolution Digital Recordings within the PC framework, forcing one to use the PC's D/A Converter Soundcard and Analog Output Stage to an existing Stereo System. Can you give me an alternative for recovering High Resolution Digital Recordings off of the Internet and store them on a Music Server of my choice? Is there an alternative then, to use these High Resolution Digital Recordings off of this Music Server with the 24/96-24/196 DAC of my choice via XLR Digital? What combination of PC/Music Server or any other device can provide for this?
Thanks-Swampwalker! I will check them out. I think that there are some Music Servers that are providing the Hardware for Internet access to High Resolution Digital Recordings bypassing the need for a PC. The problem is just trying to find out exactly what features all of these Music Servers, Transporters, and the like provide. They all have different features, some with their own built in DAC's (I need external DAC), some not requiring a PC. It seems like a maze with no real concensus of which combination will provide the best High Fidelity. MAC or PC, Music Server utilizing PC/MAC/I-POD or its own built in Internet Access Hardware, Music Server with built in DAC or XLR Digital Output to an external DAC? How is all of this confusion supposed to be more convenient?
Its not. I have been in the IT industry for 12 years. Not presently. Also, before and during these years..and even now, I have involved myself with everything imaginable when it comes to PC's, internet, networking, wireless, and hardware/software. I am content with encoding standars like APE, FLAC, and other lossless protocols. Its good enough for me. You can download anything available on the internet. No matter what standard. The part that needs focus is what you do with it from the PC to the DAC to the AMP. Transfer of data through USB is only problematic if you are trying to stream in real time from the PC to any other device using high res files. Crap, I gtg for now.
USB can carry 24/96-24/196 High Resolution Digital? What happens when these High Resolution Digital Files are compressed? Any Music Servers that provide their own Hardware for Downloading High Resolution Digital Files off of the Internet, bypassing the need for a PC? Can the same Music Server rip copies of High Res. Disks as well as CD?
Can this same Music Server provide XLR Digital Output to an external DAC via 16/44.1,24-96, and 24/196? Sorry, but I have to ask this: what exactly is the difference between a Music Server, Transporter, and a PC? So many overlapping functions-so much confusion!
I'm not familiar with music servers per say. So I cant speak about what they can do independently of a dedicated PC. I know that a PC can do pretty much anything. More so than a dumbed down PC obviously. Which is a basically a music/data server. Post your question in the PC AUDIO section. Those big nerds will tell you if it is possible.
Call Neal. The simple answer is that he can configure a music server to be able to download hi0rez files and output a balanced digital stream to your DAC. It can also rip your existing CD collection to store on the hard drive and also stream the music to other network players around your home, in whatever format they can accept, in addition to the hi-rez output.
Thanks Swampwalker, will check it out. Yeah, I might be in the wrong Forum-sorry about that, Vandermeulen! I am just a plain Audiophile who is a little worried about the down sloping demise of CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio! Just what exactly is going to be left to listen to? I don't like being forced into Downloading, but what is going to be left?
Embrace the future pettyofficer. In this day and age, at the rate of technological advances, the Matrix will be upon us. You know...the movie. I was supposed to embrace the future of SACD, and DVD-Audio! Twice burned, three times shy! So why should I trust the next Con, Swindle, and Rip-off of the next Format! I have a loooong memory- all five minutes of it! You are going to have to really earn my trust on the next so-called technological advance! Untill I have a guarantee that Downloading isn't already outmoded, your not getting a penny of my money. I just can't burn money through five Formats as they evaporate from underneath me! I demand the same guarantee of long term viability, that I used to get with Records, Cassettes, 8-track,and CD. No more trick Formats, first you see it, Now you don't! Same with the Money, first you see it, now you don't!
LOL I could'nt agree more.