Novice question about HMDI Music Serv. Ap.

I am currently using a Pioneer DV-58AV Universal Player.
Love listening to Multi-Channel High Rez. SACD/DVD-Audio
Downmixes via Disk. Would like to go Music Server Ap.
with these Multi-Channel Disks. Manual says that DV-58AV
HMDI will carry DSD, Multi-Channel SACD/DVD-Audio Digital
Files. Has anyone ever tried HDMI from DVD Player to rip copies to PC/Music Server of said Multi-Channel Disks?
Is there any kind of HDMI adapter or Input installation for
PC/Music Servers? How would the sound quality compare with
USB, or other means of connection in same application?
Would you be better off with a Universal DVD Player with a
USB Output?

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You know, this whole PC/Music Serving thing is really
starting to become a drag! No reflection on you Kal,
but if I hear of one more Computer Audiophile drooling
of doing away with the Silver Disks, I am going to shove
his Hard Drive where the sun doesn't shine! Why am I not
surprised that Computer Audiophiles DO NOT have their act
together for Multi-Channel! Neither does the Computer Industry! I can listen to Multi-Channel on a Pioneer
DV-58AV on sale for $250.00. If ever the Computer/ Music
Serving side gets their act together, am I going to have
to spend $10,000.00 for the same Multi-Channel priviledge
on a PC or Music Server? Failure is not an option. I guess
that the Silver Disks aren't going anywhere after all!
Go ahead and say it, "there is always Downloading"! Your
Computer Industry needs to get its act together on the
Sound Quality of that as well! Way too many mixed results
with no-one even pushing the Industry for improvement!
This is 1980 CD Era all over again! Why am I not suprised!
I stand corrected. When I am wrong, I admit it. The LG
DVD ROM on my Computer can indeed Read Advanced Resolution
6 Channel MLP DVD Audio Disks. I just brought up the contents page of Dianna Kralls "The Look Of Love" advanced
resolution multi-channel DVD Audio disk, and just started
playing ALL of the tracks. DVD Extractor will indeed rip
copies of these type of Disks to Hard Drive. Can't imagine
why so much misinformation from the Net on this Subject,
and me being a complete novice at this. Still this is on me, and I recant my earlier statement. For those who still believe that it can't be done-"NUTS"!