novice needs help with cables

Please help. I am a relative newcomer to the game and need help with speaker and interconnect cables. I have JM labs micro beryllium speakers, benchmark media systems DAC1 used with an old sony CD player as a transport, B&K AVR 507 receiver (I was into home theater before discovering high end audio). I am not interested in upgrading amp or preamp at this point, as I am satisfied with the CD performance currently and want to wait until there is some sort of standard high rez format including a standard high rez connection between it and the preamp. I am looking currently for a high quality sub (rel, revel, velodyne dd, etc). I want to try to do the cable thing right instead of continually changing. I will likely upgrade to a more full range set of Wilson speakers within the next couple of years. I know they rec. transparent. Should I use transparent reference throughout or maybe use a different brand of interconnect, like nordost valkyrja or valhalla. I listen to a wide range of music but mostly rock (hard to soft) and Norah Jones type music. I love hugh dynamics and intricate detail (hence the aspiration to Wilsons), but not to the point of overly analytical uninvolving.
Hello Bigsam2.

It has been my experience that choice of cables is as serious a decision as choosing components. I receently assembled a system around a BAT VK75 SE (75 wpc) SET amplifier and Wilson Sophia speakers. The Sophias are the least expensive and least efficient speakers in the Wilson line. They are great sounding speakers but they still require careful system matching w/ associated gear, including cables. The Wilson speakers are known for throwing a very sizeable soundstage. I did audition a number of products with these speakers (e.g. Acoustic Zen, Transparent, Synergistic, Analysis Plus, Kubala Sosna,and Nordost). They all had thier sonic merits and deficiencies. I ended up going w/ the Nordost Valkyrjas. Although the Valyrjas were not perfect, they seemed to be one of the only cables that did not compress the size of the sound stage that the Wilsons are capable of delivering. The Transparent audio cables were very detailed as well as very transparent but were among the worst offenders in terms of compressing/shrinking the sound stage when hooked up to the Sophias. Please keep in mind that these were the results heard with my associated equipment. The Nordost Valhalla is a superb and even costlier cable. It definitely allows more of the musical detail to come through than the Valkyrjas, but still there may be trade offs. In my system, the Valhallas seemed to rob the Sophias of some of their bottom end. Higher price does not always translate to the best component for a given sound system. So please keep in mind that sonic results with cables are very system dependent. I believe conventional wisdom would have it that you choose the speakers before you choose the cable. That doesn't necessarily mean the upgrade path you have chosen is unreasonable but the speaker cables you seem to be considering are a costly investment and you need to be careful.
If you are using "an old Sony for a transport".. you don't need better cables.
(I have an agenda against spending a LOT of money on cables when the same money spend on electronics would do a whole lot more for your listening pleasure!)
So my recommendation is to save your money: spend NOTHING on cables and get to equipment you want. AFTER you have the best equipment you will ever want to own... and are bored and want to spend more, THEN think about cables.
Elizabeth's comments are IMHO, almost on point. The only thing I would suggest is that cheapo (construction wise, not dollar wise) and esoteric frequency bending cables should not be part of an evolving system. I would have in my system at your point in time, something fairly neutral and of good quality which you can use as a bench mark for further cable exploration after you have the rest of your stuff.

FWIW, this is my first, and perhaps my last, specific cable reference for a newcomer - Cardas Twinlink 300B. Its been around for many years, has been used in the recording industry in long runs, its of good quality construction and relatively neutral. Its electrical spec's make it an excellent match for most any type of electronics and its not very expensive. And its a great starting reference for later cable exploration.
I am using LAT international cables throughout my system. I would recommend them to anyone looking for uncolored sound at affordable prices. I have heard a few more expensive brands and well, let's put it this way, I am not planning to upgrade in the near future.
Elizabeth is right on.
thanks for everyone's input. It is much appreciated. I will hold off on the high end cable for now.
What I would do if you were planning to upgrade your speakers and other components is just to wait with the cable upgrades until you get your Wilsons or other components. Because, just the way us audiophiles tend to be, is that as soon as you get your new speakers you are going to wonder if you can improve their sound with new cables. Why do things twice? BUT if you really have the bug for cable upgrades now, give Signal cable a try. Their cables are an absolute BARGAIN IMO and they can stand up to cables costing much , much more. There is NO middle man and they sell direct to the consumer with a 30 day moneyback gaurantee. I tried their Silver Resolution interconnect cable and was very impressed by the performance, especially for the price. Just something to think about if you want a good cable upgrade now and DON'T want to pay $1000.00 or more for them.