Nottngham space with Koetsu

Can anyone give me some input into using a Koetsu Red cartridge with a Nottingham space tt with space arm?
I recommend you call Brian, at The Analog Room in San Jose, California. He is our local analog guru. He sells both the Nottingham tables (as well as SME, Basis, Clearaudio, Rega, etc...) and he is a leading proponent of Koetsu Cartridges. (He got me to purchase a Koetsu Black for my Basis TT, and I love it. I only wish I had more money to upgrade it to a Urushi!)

His number is 408-971-6158. He is open Tueday through Saturday, from 11 to 7, PST, except on Saturday, which is till 6.

If he can't help you, I doubt anyone could.

Good Luck!
I am guessing that Brian will recommend a Shelter over the Koetsu for a Spacearm.