Nottingham vs. Wilson Benesch turntables?

I have assembled a great 2 channel system (Verity Parsifal Ovations, Luxman 509u integrated & D-06 cdp), and it is time to add analogue for vinyl 50's & 60's jazz, chamber music, solo piano etc. The 509u has a good phono stage, and so I need a TT, arm, and cart.

A couple of options available locally are the Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck (or the similar Space 294)and their respective NA arms, the Wilson Benesch Full Circle (complete with arm and cart), the Avid Diva II (and Volvere), and Thorens.

The Nottingham and WB turntables have a certain appeal at a similar price, and I was wondering what you would advise for someone getting back into analogue?

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