Nottingham tonearms compared to other brands?

Has anyone compared other tonearms on the Nottingham decks? I have heard the Nottingham arms are very good compare to some of the other brands out there. Price wise what is available? Any recommendations?
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I have experience only with the short (9") Space Arm, but I think that it's a great unipivot tonearm. It's much easier to set up than the VPI or Hadcock, by comparison, and it tracks very well. The armtube is carbon fibre thus the arm is quite light weight, so careful cartridge matching is a must, but with the right match it sounds great. The only caution is in regard to the tonearm wiring - it's very fine silver wire which requires a VERY delicate touch when mounting/unmounting a cartridge. Highly recommended.
Br3098, can you recommend a cartridge for the "Anna Arm" and the Space arm?
I have not but some here have; you could search the archive. If I remember right, the general consensus was that one would have to put an $2k or more Origin Live arm to better Spacearm mounted on the Spacedeck. I have no intention of doing it with my own Spacedeck. That arm is fine, just don't use low compliance and heavy MC cartridges.
Most high compliance cartridges seem to be the heavy ones. Would you consider the Dynavector DV-20X-H high output mc cartridge a good match? It weighs in at 9.1 grams but has a compliance of 12 x 10-6 cm/dyn .
I use Dyna 10X5 for now, but it is lighter. I know that many have 20X on their Spacearms and like it a lot. 9.1g is not really heavy. Spacearm's effective mass is about 9g so yes it should work just fine; and the compliance is okay. But again I have no personal experience with this combination.
I am thinking about trying some MM cartridge or perhaps the least expensive Lyra MC. But that Lyra is about $800 from the UK and more if you buy here.
I'm putting the 20X on the 12 inch Anna Arm. I like the MM cartridge that came with the Space Ace on the 9 inch arm.

Sorry, I was out of town for a couple of days. My tests were mostly with MC cartridges. I have had very good results with the Benz Ace LO, Dynavector 20X2 and the Shelter 501-II. I preferred the Benz.

The only MM cartridge I tested on the Space Arm were the Denon DL-110. It sounded OK, but to my ears was somewhat dull compared to the MC carts. It is probably not a good match to this arm.

Just for kicks I also tried an ancient Talisman Alchemist B MC cartridge that I had just had re-tipped. It sounded fantastic! I would have kept that combo but I had committed the cartridge to another turntable.

The Talisman Alchemist B MC is no where to be found on the internet to buy. I will be trying a Dynavector DV20 high output (2.5) MC on my Anna arm and will be checking out the Benz. The Cartridge that came with my Space Ace arm sounds good but I'm hoping the MC cart will give me a little more detail. Thanks for you input.
Why HO? Everyone says that LO sounds better. You phono can't handle it well?
I want to try that Tracer cartridge you mentioned in another thread too but can't find it so far.
How did the Benz do the dynamics and bass? That would be my concern.
The gain on my George Wright WPP 200 phono stage goes to 60ohm, a LO might work without a step up transformer. Depends on how lo. I think my PA can handle a output of .5 and above.
Has anyone had experience comparing the Ace Space 12" silver wire against Incognito or Cardas copper? TIA.
Do you mean the 12 inch "Analogue Arm"?
I have a Nottingham Ana-log and have it set up with 2 arms. The 12" Nottingham arm and a SME 312S. IMO, the question of which arm to use is dependant on the cartridge and type of sound you want.

I like using my Koetsu Onyx with the SME arm and the Lyra Helikon mono with the Nottingham arm. It's all a matter of synergy. Essentially, I feel the Nottingham is a slightly dark and liquid table. Adding a warm sounding cartridge to it like a Koetsu with the Nottingham arm is almost too much on the warm and liquid side. The more detailed and neutral SME arm balances things out a bit. Likewise, I find the Lyra Helikon incredibly detailed and neutral. The Nottinham arm seems to add some needed warmth and liquidity.

My $.02.
I decided to go with Incognito because I've been happy with it for years in my RB250. I received it back today and I am very happy with my choice. The 294 does a great job as the reviews have said, and I am astonished at how good it makes notoriously poor pressings sound... I listened to an RCA Red Seal Dynaflex of Liszt's Greatest Hits and I was captivated!
Very musical, no hint of hifi, full weight and lifelike ease.
Thanks to all who have helped me take this great step!

Do you like the Rega arm more then the Nottingham arms? How does the new cable sound compared to the silver?
I can only answer in terms of my personal experience. I have only compared my RB250 to my 12" AnnaLog NAS arm.I can only recall hearing one RB300 at a dealer years ago. My RB250 is quite fully tweaked... TWL's tweak (search here on A'Gon), the HeavyWeight and new stub, and Incognito wiring of course.
I have not heard the silver in the Nott because it arrived with a tag detached, and I detached a second tag trying to fix the first, so I sent it to Britaudio immediately. I am very satisfied with the Incognito in both arms.

My Rb250 sounds good, but my 294 kills it. I would be tempted to get a 9" NAS arm for the Interspace, but would have to a lot of disposable income and I don't.
I have a Anna arm soon to be attached to the table. As for now my Ace Space arm with the NAS made cartridge sounds great. The NAS arms remind me of 17th century English dueling pistols as they have shot down all the competition. Cheers.
I am using a Transfi Terminator air bearing on a late model Mentor. The improvement over the Mentor Arm is notable. Cartridge is a mm NAS Tracer 4 (sic).
Terry9, where did you get Tracer cartridge? I might want to try it too.
Hello Inna.

NAS still sells the Tracer 1, I think, but they stopped selling the Tracer 4 many years ago. Tom Fletcher told me that the stylus cost more to build than they could charge for the whole cartridge. Added to the silver coils, it was far too costly for a commercial enterprise.

So I take very good care of mine.
Hello. Thank you for the info. I am currently using entry level Dynavector with my Spacedeck/Spacearm and want to try a good MM: Tracer, Goldring 1042 or Garrott.
What is the difference between the 12" arm that comes with the 294 table and the Anna 12" arm?