Nottingham Spacedeck with "heavy kit"?

Does anyone have experience with the "heavy kit" on the Nottingham Spacedeck? I am interested if anyone has marginalized its benefits. I am looking at buying a Spacedeck from my local dealer, but he has the "heavy kit' already installed on the demo deck. I am curious how it sounds without it.
I've heard secondhand comments that Tom Fletcher only designed the "heavy kit", due to dealer requests in the USA. He supposedly said that it sounds no better or worse with it.
From my firsthand experience with a Spacedeck/Spacearm without heavy kit, I can tell you that if you want to improve its performance, first put it on a Neuance shelf. Second, if budget allows, replace the foam mat with a Boston Audio carbon mat or something similar.
The Spacedeck is a fine sounding TT, and very competitive in its price range. Personally, I would only get a heavy kit, if I didn't have to pay much extra for it...Cheers,
I wouldn't take one with a heavy kit if it came for free. IMO, the original Spacedeck tromps the "heavy" in every respect - pace, timing, detail, slam - everything. I owned both and did a lengthy comparison with a more than a few arm/cartridge combos. No contest. Plus, the original keeps more consistent timing and does NOT require an expensive speed controller - the "heavy" really needs one but still falls short of the original even when so equipped.

I spoke to Tom Fletcher personally and got the distinct impression that the "Heavy" platter was in response to US and Japanese markets where many feel a massive platter is necessarily better. I gathered he didn't agree and would opt for the original were it he buying. 'Nuff said for me!