Nottingham Spacedeck vs Rega Planar 8 vs Technics SL1200G

Hey Everyone,

An analogue newbie needs your advice.

Firstly I am not looking for any TT recommendations other than these 3.

My system is Devore O96, and the amplification would be either Lyngdorf 3400/Coincident Frankenstein combo or a Shindo pre/amp combo (forthcoming). The phono stage is TBD.

The sound I like is rich, full-bodied, with a good bass (I love percussion, and the double-bass instrument and  Mingus is my fav jazz artist). I am very sensitive to even a hint of brightness. I don't care about the typical audiophile presentation -- gobs of detail and soundstage but no soul.

My music of choice is jazz, vocals and small-scale instrumentals. No rock, no pop, no western classical.

Would love your thoughts on these 3 choices.

Since I am a newbie, easy setup is big win, which might tilt me towards the Rega or Technics, but with Nottingham I have a great dealer support that I would completely miss out on if I went with Technics (no Technics dealer in a 5000 mile radius).

I used to own a Rega RP6, so am familiar with Rega sound, and like it. But my RP6 was bested by my DAC (AMR DP-777) so sold it a few years ago. So I want a TT that will compete with any sub-10000$ DAC.

Looking forward to your thoughts that will help me scratch my analog itch.


I don’t really have anything against the Kiseki, I just found it a little to soft and warm for my taste. I can definitely see how this cartridge can work in some systems. I think it works well with my buddies rig because his table, the Grand Prix Monaco, in my opinion can be a bit lean sounding and harmonically reticent, he agrees with my assessment. The Kiseki brings a bit more decay to instruments on his table. It is a more refined sound than a stock Denon 103 but whereas I find a 103/103r cartridge to get the feet moving, the Kiseki is a bit more languid. I much prefer my modified 103r.

Of course this is a case (as is all of these opinions) of courses for horses.

thanks for the insight. I think the more opinions the better. Much appreciated. 

Thanks Audiofun.

It is really valuable input especially from a AMR DP-777 owner who understands where I am coming from.

Your post more than anything is now making me consider the Technics (even though I have to buy it out of the country, no Technics dealers here).

Glad I could offer something to the conversation that you found useful. I did just listen to a SP10R in an Artisan Fidelity plinth with a Schroeder CB1-L arm :) that was quite nice. The bearing only had about 300 hours on it and I’ve found that motor structure to require 700 hours for full run-in. I may start a thread with my impressions but don’t want to hi-jack this one. 

I think the 1200G is just now starting to get the respect it deserves. It really is a table that one can run a +$5k cartridge on and with the commensurate phono stage build a startling good analog rig around. What I’m saying is that to get more table, you are going to have to spend quite a bit more and the usual suspects that people like to mention in the same breath as the Technics AINT gonna cut it!