Nottingham Spacedeck and Space Arm- what cartridge

I am on the verge of purchasing this combo. Would appreciate suggestions on approprite cartridge new or preowned approx $800 or less. The dealer I am working with is recommending a medium to high output Benz Glider II. Many thanks for any help.
I don't know what phono preamp you've got, but the Benz Micro ACE low output is excellent! I love mine. I tried a few others and when I hooked up the Benz and took her for a drive, I never looked back. I also used to own the table/arm you're using and I think you'll love it. The backround will be black and the music, no matter what type will be resolved without effort and with plenty of dynamics. Try it. You'll like it!
If you have not already, search for 'spacedeck'. AA has more discussion about the Spacedeck and the posters there seem to be more familar with Nottingham. I partnered my new Interspace with a Dynavector 20 based on the recommendations at AA. I wish I could comment on the sound, but Nottingham screwed up my armboard. Maybe they thought the Regas have a diameter of 21mm. People in the know also report that the Shelter 501 is an excellent buy. It is LO, however. Anyways, I would take a stab at what your dealer recommends. Assuming he sells the Glider, can you not listen to that combo before you decide?
Thanks for the responses. Naturally the dealer will allow me to listen to the benz. I was just wondering what others might recommend based on experience.
Probably the most widely favored cartridges found on Spacedecks are the Dynavectors, in particular the 10X4II, Karat 17D2 and XX2.