Nottingham Space Deck Table......

Anyone who has this baby please give a quick review of its sound. I like what I have read about it, and the price seems reasonable. The arm recommended is the space arm. Please mention your favorite cartridge also, thanks.....Mark
You might do a search on vinyl asylum at AA with Nottingham. Several inmates have the spacedeck and swear by it.

I have listened to two Spacedeck/Space are set ups, one with a Benz glider LO and one with a Transfiguration cartridge. I prefered the Benz glider combination. Without getting into too many details, this is one of the best TT's I have ever listened to, including high end units from Basis, Clear Audio, and VPI. Best competition in this price range appears to be the Teres turntable, perhaps TWL may want to chime in, I have not had an opportunity to listen to the Teres.

A number of folks use Dynavector cartridges (20X or better) with their Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm set ups.

Exceptionally smooth, detailed presentation, low record surface noise, conveys accurate 3D soundstage, and sounds right.

I'm partial to the Nottingham sound, in fact just purchased an Interspace deck. Wish my budget would have allowed me to upgrade to the Spacedeck.
I think the Teres is better, but the Nottingham is a very good table, especially at the price range. If the Teres wasn't around, I'd be tempted to look at a Nottingham myself.
I had the Interspace with DV20x and Ol-250. The three worked very well together, objectively and sonically.
I still own it. It's achieved the goal of creating little desire for change.

I also use the dynavector but I plan to change to the lyra helikon soon.

The deck is quiet and best the Rega P25 substantially.
I've owned the Spacedeck for about one year and have two arms mounted (see system). Rjones gives a pretty good description in his discussion of the Interpsace and the Spacedeck is even more of the same. One thing I find with the Spacedeck is how the lower, middle, and upper ranges of music are CONNECTED and SMOOTH, no weak link. The Spacedeck has such an ANALOGUE sound while voices, strings, details are extremely well defined. Not technical descriptions, I guess, but accurate to my ear! :-)

It is true that a SD will smoke the P25, IMHO. I read a review once where the person said the SD made the P25 sound like a "nightstand alarm clock" by comparision. Not sure I'd go that far, but I compared many a TT before buying the SD and I did feel that one needs to go up to the TNT line of VPI before besting the SD, for instance.

Many folks use Dynavectors, and they are very nice with the 'Nots. Also, some opt for Graham or Moerch arms - mostly those who bought the SD with the original metal Spacearm (they are now carbon fiber, major improvment).

One caveat, given that the 'Not is a non-suspended table. Tom Fletcher of 'Not, who gives minimal documentation at best, suggests a "solid wood base" for support. This will work, but give it a wall-mount and the table will absolutely double in performance. I use a DIY wall-mount with a 3" piece of rock maple as a base. A friend thinks my Spacedeck mounted in this way sounds as good as his Hyperspace.

Short story, if you buy a Spacedeck and you won't be sorry.
Trust your ears. It is definitely a very musical turntable with value for money. I owned many tts before and all of them considered more expensive( including the Hyperspace) but I decided to settle down with it due to its strength. I mounted a graham 2.2 and Triplanar 7 arms on it and I just go along to enjoy music. I have Benz ace,glider, Koetsu Urushi,Koetsu Rosewood Sig Platinum,Fuji airy 3,helikon SL,and Miyabi. I rotate all these cartridges with different phonostage I have in hand. It is really fun!
Vince - I would be interested in what turntables you owned / seriously auditioned before settling on the spacedeck. Also - what do you have the table sitting on?
Goatwuss - I had the Sota sapphire,Sota star sapphire,SME10 and the hyperspace from Nottingham. This SD sits on a very solid and heavy rack that i have. There are some suggested modifications and improvements for SD from this forum but I have yet to try them out. Everyhing seems so right for SD just right out from the box. My friend owns Clearaudio reference table came to listen and find it unbelievable. Please note that all these comments on SD is the result I heard with my Avalon Ediolon set up. Happy listening and good luck!