Nottingham Space Deck owners - help needed

Greetings. I have been able to get very little info on this Spacedeck and Spacearm setup and have been learning, which isn't altogether a bad thing, but the journey has had its bumps, needless to say. I got this piece used and without ANY instructions! Can anyone confirm which protractor NAS recommends to align the cart on this table/arm? Sure would appreciate it, and also where one might come by such a protractor.


I was given the Polaris alignment protractor when I bought a Nottingham dais new. It was easier to understand than the db systems one I also have. I used it on a horizon as well as the dais and it works good
I used the Dennesen Soundtractor when I had my Spacedeck.

I had been using this one on all tables and arms. Chances that it's more superior than any supplied with turntable very high.
Nottingham included the Polaris with my Spacedeck. Not sure what alignment scheme it uses as I always used the DB Systems protractor instead. Always yielded great glitch free sound.
Thanks for all the helpful information. Much appreciated.