Nottingham Interspace vs Pear Audio vs Analogue Works

I am looking at some entry level turntables from the three manufacturers mentioned above.  Being small companies I have not been able to find many reviews ( and for that matter dealers).  The Nottingham seems to be better priced than the AW One and the Pear Audio Captain John Handy; and comes with a 10 inch arm. The question is, am I losing much sonic performance with the savings?

the first turntable you listed has a long and successful history and probably better resale; the other two are new to me.  That is not to say that they are not good turntables; however, being a newer company takes time to make it to the review pages.
I understand, you have to choose without auditioning.
I've been playing original Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm for years and intend on keeping it that way. Yes, Nottingham is a very well established company and a very popular brand in some circles, even more so in Europe. Newest Interspace deck/arm should be close enough to the original Spacedeck, though I have not heard it.
Personally, I might choose top of the line Pear Audio over Nottingham Dais but I would almost certainly choose the Interspace over entry level of anything !
I was lucky enough to find a used Nottingham Analogue Interspace complete with RB300 tonearm on eBay 2 years ago. I still can’t believe the guy only wanted £400!
Other system components cost much much more, but no intention to ever change this TT - sounds awesome.
If you get the Nottingham make sure to replace the stock felt mat. I and many others use Boston Audio Mat-1 graphite mat. 
Great thanks,
have any issues w 60 hz hum?
No hum in my system, though it's not all completely quiet because of the phono stage. 
I use a NAS Interspace Jr with Jelco SA750D arm and I can't see it going anywhere.
I am a recovering former audio dealer.  One of my products was Pear Audio Blue turntables.  I specifically chose to represent Pear Audio because I was a former Nottingham owner and always loved these decks.  The Pear Audio turntables incorporated everything I enjoyed in Tom Fletcher's  designs and fixed (almost) everything I didn't like.  IMO, the entire Pear Audio line is a significant improvement over the Notts.

I do not have any experience with the Analog Works turntables.

Nottingham Spacedeck here.
Read much about the 60hz hum in a few reviews. Never heard any in my system.
Dont think you will go far wrong with an Interspace ever.
I use an Achromat on mine and the better the cartridge the better she sings, seems to be no limit n how well it can perform, just my wallet!

Thanks for your input. My other option is the new Feikert Volare which I have heard is quite good as well.
any thoughts ?
Can’t offer any opinions on the Volare apart from price wise it is likely more expensive than your other choices, all of which are variations on the late Tom Fletchers designs.