Nottingham Interspace TT/Arm vs Used Linn Lp12

I am trying to get into LP after 15 years of Cd, mostly for classical music.
Any advice on new Nottingham Interspace TT/arm combo vs, used Linn LP-12 /Valhalla/Ittok II combo. Also what cartridge in $500-700 should I consider for respective combo ?
IMHO, the Interspace and up in the 'Not line will make you forget about the Linn (which I have owned). E-mail me in the event you'd like further detail on what I anticipate will be a sound choice for you.
Thanks your guide. Would you be more specific ?
Take 4yanx advice and go w/the Interspace. I've heard many state that even the Horizon will compete w/the Linn. Recommend a Shelter 501 II if you can find one in budget or Dynavector 10x5 or Denon 103 otherwise.

Take 4yanx's advice. I've never heard either of the tables myself, but I'd choose the Nott' over the Linn any day. It's just a better design all the way around.

The Innerspace comes with a Rega arm, right? If so then any of the cartridges recommended by Sbank would be excellent. The superb Shelter 501MkII is $100 over your budget. If that's too much then the Denon 103R is a very close second best, and a steal at <$300. Note that either of these cartridges will need a high gain phono stage or a stepup device. If THAT blows the budget or presents other problems, go with the 10x5.
Generally speaking, all 'Not tables come without arms and then the distributor or dealers package them with a 'Not arm to provide a "package" deal. There is the Interspace arm which is often sold with the Interspace, but even more frequently I have seen the Spacearm paired with the Interspace. If you can afford the marginal extra cost it is worth the price. IMHO, you have to spend $2K or better to improve upon the Spacearm on the Interspace or Spacedeck. I have not seen the Rega arms sold in package with the Interspace personally, but a simple replacement of the stock split-ring collet ($35) will allow one to accommodate any Rega/OL arm. Again, though, unless one is going up to, say, the OL Illustrious, I would stick with the Spacearm. Even then, there are better higher-end arm choices than the Illustrious.

With respect to cartridges - If you get a 'Not arm, I would highly recommend the Shelter 501MkII, though I would NOT recommended the Denon (too stiff). Other cartridges I would recommend in that general price range are the Ortofon Kontrapunkt a (or b if you can swing it), the Goldring Eroica, Dynavector 17d, and I have recently learned that the Shure V15VxMR is a good match (though one I have not heard).

I will not disparage the Linn. I once owned one and it served me well. However, I think you will find the Interspace with a much quieter background and with a very musical presentation. Better pace and MUCH more detailed. The 'Nots, at least in my experience, have the added benefit of being extremely easy to setup, are not particularly fussy about location as long as it is high mass, and have uncanny accuracy in terms of rotational stability and consistent speed.

I continue to believe that the Interspace and Spacedeck (along with the newer Horizon) are extremely good values - proponents of alternative values in the direct drive or idler wheel table models notwithstanding.
How abour dynavector cartiridge 17 D MKII, sumiko ble point or micro benz glide ?
What do you do for dust cover of Interspace TT ?
I have mentioned the 17d. I think the Interspace deserve a little better than the Blue Point. It is a decent cartridge and all but there are better option, IMHO, at that price. I have not heard the Glider on a Spacearm but two folks that I know replaced their Gliders with other cartridges. The Benz LO2 is a good match but out of your price range. You will not find opinions with respect to every cartridge with this table, or any table. Best advice is to audition if at all possible, or buy one with which a few have found success and evaluate for yourself. I would also suggest posting on AA. There are often more 'Not owners "lurking" there.

A side note. If one decides to go with a Spacedeck, buy one with the original "low" platter, not the "heavyweight". The latter robs the Spacedeck of its beautiful musical qualities. In fact, it doesn't even sound like the same table. Tom Fletcher has said that the heavyweight was in response to market perceptions and not an effort to improve performance.
I built my own dustcover using 1/4" plexi and finished the edges with wood trim. Looks great, works great, but is heavy. Search the forums! There were suggestions for dustcovers not to long ago.
Ijust learned that Interspace TT/Arm combo ($2200) is discontinued and is replaced with Space TT/Arm($2700).
In that price range, I can purchase used Basis 2001 TT/Arm combo or used VPI Aries model. Any advice on which will be the best value for the money combo for classical music.
Ok, others can weigh in here since two other tables are being brought to the fray. Personally, I like the Spacedeck better than either of the two tables you mention, especially the 2001. Too, I would not own a Basis if you think you'll ever have to deal with the designer. One nice quality of the Aries is that you have an upgrade path with VPI - if that is important to you.

Look for a used Spacedeck and arm. You should find one for around $2K with only a modicum of patience.
I bought a Spacedeck and arm 6 months ago. I did consider the Linn but found it too much of a tweaking project. I also considered the VPI Aries but it was a tad harsh and less likeable. The spacedeck sounded right, was odd enough to have personality and I found a demo for just above $2K. Just last night I was telling my spouse how glad I was that I bought it - No buyers remorse.
I just bought a Spacedeck and Space arm. End of story. Look no further! You name it, it excels at music presentation and retrieval. Musciality, bass, detail, smoothness, lush, rich. Delicious. MM
I am glad to see that the Spacedeck is becoming the choice of so many and is getting the "props" it deserves.
Another $1000 tonearm possibility for the Spacedeck is the Hadcock GH242 SE w/ Incognito wiring. I have not heard as many tonearms on the Spacedeck as 4yanx, but I did get to live with the Spacearm and Shelter 901 cartridge on my Spacedeck for about a month, prior to all my parts coming in for my personal cartridge and tonearm.

I am using a Benz ACE H2 with the Hadcock, and in all honesty I would take my combo over what I was hearing with the Spacearm-Shelter combo. The latter had a stridency to vocals that the Hadcock has not suffered from. In any case, the sonic differences certainly weren't huge, especially considering the Spacearm combo retails for about $2500 and the Hadcock combo retails for about $1600, and like I said I favored the cheaper combo. Also the Hadcock has every single adjustment possible on it, not as convienent to make as say a Graham, but they are at least all still there.

Also on 6moons a reviewer compared the Hadcock to his past Morch tonearm and current Schroeder tonearm. He states that he much preferred the Hadcock over the Morch, but still the Schroeder has naturalness about it that the Hadcock couldn't quite reach. However the Schroeder is nearly three times the price.
Soliver, it is good to hear that you enjoy the Hadcock. It has been said that Tom Fletcher used a Hadcock to "voice" his first tables. I tried a Hadcock in comparison with the Spacearm using a Shelter MkII and preferred the Spacearm. Perhaps things are different with the Benz.

As an aside, and perhps it is either a typo or a misunderstanding on my part, but where can you get a Spacedeck/Hadcock for $1600 retail? The Spacedeck without arm is generally $1,800 retail and something tells me they aren't throwing in the Hadcock and also discounting the table by a two c-notes! :-)
Cartridge + Arm costs, no table costs.

So you have had the chance to hear a Hadcock on a Spacedeck, cool had not read that you had heard that combo.

4yanx, got another question for you.

When you first heard the Mystic Mat on a Spacedeck you wrote here that you preferred the Mytic Mat over the BA Mat1. I think you said it was kind of like adding tubes into a system. What caused you to change your mind in terms of preferring the Mat 1 over the Mystic now? Just curious, as I am leaning towards eventually getting a Mystic Mat as of right now.
Like Soliver, I have both a Hadcock (original GH228 Export circa 1980) and a Schroeder Model 2 on my Platine Verdier. Sure the Schroeder is better, but it sure costs a damn site more (1000 GBP or 1750 USD) versus my Hadcock (circa 1980 60GBP or 100USD).

The newer Hadcocks are better built and have infinitely superior wiring. Nevertheless, even now they represent excellent value for money. It works well with my Allaerts MC1B, but is one of the few arms to work with my decca London Gold (Garrott Bros).
Soliver - you are correct in that in my intial assessment I thought the Mystic Mat was a shade better than the Mat1. I still think it is a close call but, after a more extended comparison, I prefer the Mat1 ON THE SPACEDECK due to its ability to provide a more realistic mid range and a quieter background than the Mystic Mat. In addition, what I first misinterpreted as the Mat1 being a tad light in the lower end is actually due to better definition of the bass, which I've noticed after further listening. OTOH, my friend continues to prefer the Mystic on his table - so there ya go! :-)

I should add that my Spacedeck has the original "short" platter which I WHOLLY prefer to the "heavyweight" and I've not heard the Mystic on the taller platter.