Nottingham Interspace or Michell Tecnodec?

I'd like to get some feedback on these tables as an upgrade to my Pro-Ject 1 Xpression. I've only had a chance to hear the Nottingham Horizon, so I can't make a thoughtful comparison. After hearing the Horizon, I'm pretty confident either of these tables would trounce mine, but I think going with the Interspace with its arguably better arm would be the logical upgrade. I'd pick these up used, and they're within a couple hundred dollars of each other. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, I tend to listen mostly to acoustic music in a small room setting, but I jam sometimes. Thanks!
Having lived with the Tecnodec for 3 years and having listened to the Nottingham Horizon, Interspace and Spacedeck many times the choice is easy:

I would go for the Nottingham, warmer yet more detailed sound, blacker backgrounds, better timing and dynamics. If you can make it consider the Spacedeck.