Nottingham Horizon?


So I am going to take the analog plung (again). I am looking at table and initially I was going to purhase a Rega P3. But now I am think that I should go a little higher up the ladder to save myself money in upgrades later.

I read Michael Fremer's review on the Nottingham Horizon and it sounded good. The Nottingham is not that much more than a P3 and my guess is that is is far better.

How would the Nottingham Horizon compare to say a JA Michell Gyrodec or a VPI scout?

The Nottingham is cheaper but does it still play ball in the same leauge?

Thanks in advance.

Having owned a Gyro SE and Horizon, the simple answer is no. The Gyro is definately in another league, but then it is over twice the price.

Search the archives here and at audioasylum. Much praise has been spoken on behalf of both the Horizon and the Scout. The 'Nott Interspace might be closer to the Scout in price(on the high side).
IMHO, the Horizon is a tremendous value. The Scout is probably the most popular high end table over the last couple of years. The Gyro has its fans, too.
Hard to go wrong w/any of these.

Cheers, Spencer

I did not realize that I had type Gyro.

I meant to type TechnoDec.
If you can track down a good deal on a used Gyro I think you'd have a table that would please you for quite a while--I adore mine. Stunning sound, very full and musical. I listen to quite a variety of music on it with no complaints. It's nice to know that at some point, I can upgrade it essentially to an Orbe--I can't imagine ever wanting to top that!

I'm quite curious about the Tecno--it was mentioned in another recent thread as well. The Tecno shares several key components with the Gyrodec, which is a good sign. If you decide on the Tecno and cannot obtain one locally, consider Gene Rubin Audio--I have had wonderful experience with him in multiple occasions.

I have not heard the Scout or Horizon in person, though I did hear the Interspace with Space arm. A nice deck but I found the sound fairly "dry" compared to spring suspended 'tables--I think it's personal preference, there.

I think your decision to start out higher up the ladder is a good one. I had been in your shoes, considering the Techo, Scout and HW-19s, Nott, Rega, etc. but I stretched my budget to get a used Gyro with a good arm, and am quite happy I did. Good luck and welcome back to vinyl :)