Nottingham any good?

Anyone heard of Nottingham and where can I find more info about it. How does it with its own tonearm compare to similarly priced more basic models of VPI and Basis that normally comes with basic RB tonearm? I'm all ears open.
I BELIEVE this is the new turntable being imported by Audiophile Systems in Indianapolis, the distributor of dCS and Arcam. They have a good website. It looks good in pictures; that's all I know.
The Nottingham Analogue tables are exceptional in their expressiveness and pace.My favorites in the line are the Spacedeck and Interspace which I would easily rate as amoungst the best turntable values on the market.To my tastes,which favor timing,musical flow and involvement,the Notts would be at or near the top of my shortlist and above the various Basis, VPI and Michell tables particularly in the sub $2K price ranges(less arm).
I own the Nottingham Analog Spacedeck with Spacearm. I have not enjoyed my vinyl collection more in my 20yrs of listening to analog playback. I have had the Linn LP-12 a SOTA and a REGA planar 3. The Spacedeck has a very natural presentation and draws me in with a dynamic and rythmically robust sound. Pureness of tone is spectacular assuming your front end is up to the task. A black very low noise floor rounds out this 40 year old British manufacturer's product.
Find a dealer and take a listen. Incidentally Audiophile systems, the importer for the Nottingham line used to import Linn. This is their first new turntable line in over a decade.