Nottingham Analogue setup manual

I am finally getting setup in my new home, and dialing in my Nottingham Spacedeck. It has been almost four years since I had it set up last, and it never sounded right. Purchased it from the Analog Room and had the owner set it up. Cartridge didn't align with protractor and the bias was wrong. I was mostly getting one channel more than the other.
After searching the internet I found out the original designer Tom Fletcher had passed away, and his website with the manual was no longer available. Good news is I found it on another blog, here it is, I would suggest downloading it and printing it out while it is still up:
Thanks for the reference. I am in a similar situation where I need to set up my Space Deck. Right now a Rega 25 sounds better.
That's unusual. Why didn't the cartridge align? Are you sure it was because of this that the channels were not even?
I am about to unpack my Spacedeck/Spacearm too and put Goldring 1042 in the arm. But I will probably have a dealer set it all up.
Many think that Feickner protractor works very well, though I haven't heard from Nott. owners about it. It's quite expensive - $259 but might be worth it.
I am using a Shelter 501 MKII MC cartridge that tracks different from an MM cartridge. I had to max out the little weight on the end of the arm to get it right. I have read that you can add a second weight, but not sure where to get one now days.
I set the bias/anti-skate by setting the cartridge on the NAS dust-cover while spinning. The dust cover is basically a record without groves. The cartridge is supposed to remain in place without tracking in or out, when the weight is correct.
You could talk to Larry at Hollywood Sound in Florida, He is the current Nottingham distributor and knows these tables and arms well. He might be able to assist you. He also likes MC cartridges.
The "manual" for a Nott table used to be a single sheet of paper with type written instructions.