nottingham 294 or spacedeck

Is the 294 a substantial improvement over the spacedeck? Or are they pretty similar?
A few years ago, when the Ace Space and 294 came on the market I had the chance to listen to the Spacedeck, AceSpace and 294 together. I thought the Ace Space and 294 were a little more detailed and the bass maybe a little more solid. Then I heard the space deck with the most recent Ace Space arm and compared it to the Ace space and found them the same. When they came out with the Ace Space and 294 they did a slight modification to the arm as well. This is where I think the biggest benefit was. It can be identified by four black disk's on the unipivot body. All are super tables. I decided to go with the spacedeck with the newest arm and bearing but I don't think you can get that combination any more. Between the Ace Space and the 294 I would probably be just as happy with the Ace Space. I strongly recommend boston carbon mat and SRA base.
I have had both and thought the 294 was far superior. i now have the Dias.

How much better is the Dais in your opinion. I went straight from the Horizon to the Dais so I don't really know. The Dais was obviously a lot better than the Horizon, but I still think the Horizon sounded pretty darn good.