Notifications when someone comments on my virtual system

How do I set up to get notifications when someone comments on my virtual system?
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jaytor sadly you can't its a bummer if you go to systems you will see a notification but you won't get an email or anything like that.
Here's a comment-

Your system looks fabulous. It must be difficult to leave the room!
Thanks. Too bad you can't get a notification email when someone comments. 
What I do is check my system page many times every day. Its cool because after you do this a hundred times the count increases by .1 and you can imagine it was a hundred people instead of just you a hundred times.
Ha MC, hilarious.

It’s crazy that they destroyed the functionality of the systems pages with the update many years ago and never bothered to fix it. Used to be a very active part of the forums (see, e.g., and now it’s just unanswered comments because neither posters nor owners think to go manually check for updates.

Such a shame. Really just a terrible thing for this place.

The conversations in there were so nicely focused and perhaps more importantly people were actually nice to one another because they didn’t want to crap  on someone’s personal page. Allowed you talk about your gear with people who cared rather than forcing all that conversation into other more specific threads where it is often less relevant.

Audiogon, please fix this, the site needs it.
Thanks for the chuckle millercarbon! My question is why do some peoples handle auto fill when you @ them but not others like yours?
I think maybe you have to have "someone mentions me" checked in your account profile, but I could be wrong. 
That functionality is also pretty buggy. Right now in this thread the @ feature isn't working for anyone's handle for me.
@jaytor  Good Point, I don't think that option is currently available but it should be. Do me a favor and send me an email to, attention: Tammy and I'll open a ticket to get the help of a developer on Monday. It should be an easy fix.   
@admin Can you make it so that people making the comments also get notifications (at least when @'d in the system comments)?

If both sides get notifications it'll really bring back the functionality.

Thanks so much for addressing this.
Wow, look at that. That was cool.. You put a goody in Admins stocking. :-)

Happy new year...

I sent Tammy an email. That will be nice to have that functionality. 

Happy New Year everyone.
Thanks Jay. Much appreciated. Good work. Hopefully it will turn out to be a NY's present for the whole community.
I got a note from Tammy that this has now been fixed. 
Am I correct that the notifications only appear when you're in the systems pages?

Would be amazing if they also showed up in your forum notifications (where most people check).
@cal3713  - I just posted a comment on your system page so you can see if you get a notification. 

- Jay
@jaytor I got an email notification... That will work great.  Thanks Tammy.  

Do you get a notification that I replied??
And @'d you there...
@cal3713 I think so. I got a couple of email notifications but I'm not sure if it was a reply in your system page or to this post. 
I got the notification. Just took a little while. 
Great!  Thanks Tammy & agon...

We've given you more flexibility in managing your notifications from Audiogon, and you can read all about it here. Of particular note is that you can now be informed when someone comments on your Virtual System, or comments on your comment on a VS.

@cal3713 I just got a notification when you posted on Charles1dad's system as I subscribed to it long ago, pretty cool!
Yes!! Thank you Tammy! @admin @jond
@jond I am very hopeful that this will have a significant impact on engagement and sense of community here. 
@cal3713 same I love virtual systems and more engagement is just what we need!