Noticing the VPI Pheripery ring Thread-Which

other TT uses them besides VPI?? Would be interesting to know the TTs that uses them or can use them. I think they are a big improvement on sonics. I surely enjoy mine.
I think Clearaudio also makes a periphery ring for its TT's.
From reading the Galibier website it seems that Thom can make one for his tables as well.
I owned a ring made by Rudolf Bruil in the Netherlands. It made a big improvement on both warped AND unwarped records, as others have mentioned. Info on it is here:

I had to sell it when I switched to a TriPlanar tonearm. :-(
Part of the arm hit the ring before the stylus reached the runout grooves. That wouldn't be a problem with most arms however.

I'll buy another ring someday. It was worth the extra effort.
Don't tell me that, DougDeacon! I just bought a Triplanar! :)

Haven't decided on a new table yet but this ring thing was one answer I was looking for short of vaccum hold down.

If you read the fine print on Rudolf's page he acknowledges the incompatibility. The problem is the overall diameter of the RSR. The TriPlanar's bearing armtube runs into it.
If any of you buys a Graham Phantom on a VPI HR-X etc, make sure to order the arm with the "X". THe armwand is longer so you can use the periphery ring