Noticed alot of Sonic Frontiers being unloaded

Im interested on Sonic Frontiers preamp but see alot being sold Is the company going under?
They already did sort of. The founder sold out to some other company. The new owner will probably only make HT gear going forward under the SF nameplate.

This should not keep you from buying one of their used preamps. You're just getting a better deal.

Bingo! They are focusing on HT and, I've heard, are getting out of the tube end. Their pre-amps are great. I've been lusting after the 3SE since their output impedence is only 90 ohms which would match nicely to my amp's 2200 ohm input impedence. With a new house, the timings just not right. One thing to bear in mind: The SF warranty is not transferrable. Bummer.
The above responses are accurate - just thought I'd mention though that even though the warranty may not be transferrable, I've found them great to deal with - I thought I had a problem with my Line 3 and they phoned me immediatley following my email and were keen to help. It turned out to be only a fuse gone which I replaced easily, but I felt that were the problem greater, they would fix it with no hassles - I felt covered.
I currently own a Kora Eclipse preamp one of the first models and was wondering which was a better preamp Im looking into the SFL-2 preamp One thing I really dislike about the Kora you need the remote to control everthing
Sonic Frontiers was purchased By Paradigm about 2/3 years ago.
The company is know soley foucused on the Anthem line of products.
The SF line is still being suppported Warranties and reapirs are being handled in thier Oakville,Ontario plant..
The gear is only getting to be a better buy.
SF has not gone out of business.They are just not building any new tube products.
Though all SFI gear was very good and in some cases excellent,there are no people that were in the developement of SFI.They all have moved on.I believe Glenn Dolick was the last one and he left 4 momths ago.SFI is really no longer since it was bought out by Paradyne.They have been concetrating on the Anthem line for HT.I would suspect there are no real personal that are familiar with any of the SFI tube gear.Too bad as it was once one of the best comapnies to deal with.
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What a sad and pitiful affair. When the beginning of the end for the SF product line occured, I spoke with Chris Jensen, and then he was gone. I don't know if Chris Johnson is even still around. Nick in Service may be the only original -------

What a fabulous product! Is anything built like these at these prices? NO ------

I miss my Power 2, which at 110 pds & beautifully finished, was unbelievable at $5,000 retail. I'm not saying their sonics were the last word, but they were quite good, I think anyone has to admit. I still have my SFL2, and it sounds great, and probably more tubey sounding than their Line series, which I wish I had also owned.

At the very least, the devoted Sonic Frontiers lovers and buyers will keep it more than a memory.......
Kevziek, you are right about the Power 2. It is beautifully finished and the sound is wonderful. Recently I hooked it up to a pair of Maggies and the Power 2 drove them with ease. And the sound! Wow! It is sad to know that the company has reached the end of the line, but on the plus side, the great products they built were built to last a very long time. The company may be gone, but the gear certainly isn't.
I love my Sonic Frontiers Phono One. Wish I'd gotten the SE version when they were available.
The Sonic Frontiers were built like a tank. Unless you drop one on the floor from a significant height, you should only need to replace the tubes once in a while. Tubes can be purchased from many reputable dealers.

The new company is highly accessible both by telephone and email. I have communicated with them on two occassions.

Perhaps the original founders of Sonic Frontiers were too interested in producing the finest equipment and did not consider the cost of producing such equipment. It is hard to make a profit in the competitive world of electronics these days, particularly if you are producing tube equipment.
in response to Sattothestars' comment, the original development team (at least a couple of them) have moved on to work for partsconnexion is a DIY supplier and they do mods for SF/assemblage gear. some of these mods are said to be even better than the original SF se series upgrades. They will also do repair work on SF gear for 40 bucks and hour. seeing as they are the ones who originally developed these tube amps they are who i have turned to when i need to upgrade my line3/power2 combo. check out their website.