Notable re-issues on lp.....2015

Cursive "The Ugly Organ"
The Album Leaf "In A Safe Place"

Looking forward to:

Gregg Allman
Shawn Colvin
I have already pre-ordered the new Neko Case BoxSet "Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule". Can't wait for it!

I bought a few of the Rush reissues: 2112, Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves. All of which are very good.
Queen / Innuendo. The 1/2 Speed version is very halographic and when you open the gatefold and see the art it is just splendid.

Just caught Neko in concert up here. Great show, what a voice. Simply wonderful show.

Please post either here or to me privately what you think of the boxset. I am very interested as I am thinking of springing for this.
"I bought a few of the Rush reissues: 2112, Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves. All of which are very good.
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Are they remasters?
Steelhead...will do. I love Neko, one of my favorite female vocalists. I have seen her live, in concert a couple of times. Yeah, she can REALLY sing!

They are also reissuing her albums individually on colored vinyl. The first three are:



I was eyeing the Rush reissues in Barnes & Noble yesterday. I have assumed that DMM mastering meant they were not taken from analog sources. That, coupled with the fact these were released in the perfect sound forever era. As far as remasters, the Nick Drake: Pink Moon is terrific. It wasn't 2015, but if you like Nick Drake, don't miss it.
Regarding the Neko Case box.. I was glad to see that "The Virginian" is now available on vinyl. Having said that, I doubt if I order the box. I'm pretty happy with all of the original issues I own. The multi-colored vinyl isn't a positive thing IMO. Don't know if it's still available but check out her label's website. If you can still order "Middle Cyclone" on clear vinyl, jump on it!

Regarding Nick Drake: I own the SV and the later re-issue. There isn't that much difference IMO. I recently went through all of my SVs, comparing them to others. I now, do not want to put them in my "sell pile". SV has gotten a bad rap in the past.

I own several of the Rush re-issues. So far I'm most impressed with "Fly By Night", although they all sound good especially with the volume Up!

Finally... Joan Osborne "Relish" released on vinyl!!! Mine is pre-ordered!

Faces box, excellent!
I've been wanting to find good pressings of Queen. This is a band that for me, I rarely listen to but have been thinking about more & more lately. So, I've been reading all of the forums. I think I'll hold out for original UK pressings, biding my time.
I have disappointed with many reissues.  The last one I bought that I liked was the Beatles mono box set
(2016) Them "The Angry Young Them!"
"Laid Back" Is Great!