notable consolidation possibility, should I or not?

I am considering to take on a pretty good sized consolidation in my main 2 channel system that I use for both music and AV. Here is what I currently have:

  • Audio Refinement separates (Pre5, Multi5 using 2 channels)
  • modified Rega RP6 with AT-33PTG/II low MC using Jasmine LP2 mkII phono stage
  • Cambridge DacMagic for AV signal and streaming via smart TV optical out
  • ProAc studio 148s

I am considering consolidating the pre, the amp, the dac and the phono stage into a Simaudio 340i X (with dac, phono and balanced input cards). I did find a local Seattle area dealer where I can demo a 340i X but in order to get it in house vs my current setup, I need to purchase it and I only have a 7 day evaluation window for a full refund. Also, this dealer (Definitive Audio in Bellevue and Seattle) said they cannot list Simaudio on their available products page but really didn’t go into detail why, does anyone know why this would be? I really like the warmth and detail of the Audio Refinement / YBA signature which continues through with the Jasmine phono stage sound signature also. My current dac is decent and have no complaints about it.

What does everyone think of this consolidation? Will the 340i better the AR and phono stage separates plus still continue to deliver the warmth and detail I look for in a system? I have read that many like the warmth of the 340i but some have also said it can get edgy and fatiguing. My ProAcs can do that with certain source or equipment, so I have to be careful here. I’ve also read the 340i like their other integrated amps and phono stages are very quiet (I tried an I-3 in my system when the AR gear was getting serviced and it did not better my separates but it had no equipment noise and presented a very black background). The last thing I am concerned about is that the 340i does not have a tape or processor loop for any kind of tone adjustment via EQ or other options. I know their highest integrated option does but this is out of my price range.

Appreciate everyone’s thoughts and input in advance.


One thing to note here you are going from Mutli-channel gear, that you’re using 2 channel, to a dedicated 2 channel integrated likely it will sound better. It will certainly sound different, generally I agree with the guys above best keeping the Dac out of the amp.

The Pre2 is a completely analog preamp that is mostly 2 channel except for the DVD input, which I only use the front left and right inputs.  I only use 2 channels on the Multi5.


After some thought and reading through the posts, I don't think I am going to consolidate given the fact the I-3, the i3.3 and the 340i seem to be a very similar performing integrated amp.  I did try an I-3 in my main system when I was getting my AR separates serviced and the I-3 did not better my existing equipment.  Can anyone convince me that the i3.3 / 340i (which seems to be a i3.3 with a different faceplate) is that much better than the I-3, given that the local shop does not have any demos in the config I want that would allow a 7 day trial with full refund after purchase?  A single box with such a quiet and black background with its amp, dac and phono stage is sure an attractive thing to consider.

Finding an integrated with a great sounding DAC is very rare- usually available in more pricier brands/models such as the Aesthetic Mimas with the optional DAC card which got a great reviews. This integrated is a very high value offering from an established company with a great track record.

Otherwise, it’s best to keep the DAC separate like many suggested 

Usually when a retailer won't list a product on their page is because they aren't a dealer. They have the means to get the product but, can't advertise. Someone else has the dealer agreement in that area.