Not too early to consider CES

Today I received advance registration for CES via email. Probably the first notice for those (like me) who have attended many years.

All Audiogon members should consider going this year. We could even meet somewhere and do the show together. Registration is free through November, and the badge allows access to all the displays of high end, home theater and all the other electronic exhibits.

For those who don't already know, the show is in Las Vegas, where rooms may be had for a reasonable price.

If you do not already work for a company that is somehow related to electronics or computers (what is not?) You can make up your own company name.
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Here is the link:
I just registered, where do we meet??????????
Great idea Albert, I will be there--just let us know where to meet.
Avnut will be there. KIT.
I suggest we consider reserving a dining room at Buca di Beppo located at 412 East Flamingo Road. Buca is just east of the strip. I would recommend a dinner gathering on Thursday night the week of the show. Say between 7PM-9PM. Buca is close to the Alexis Park and if, "The Show" goes back to the Tuscany this year, Buca is even closer to that hotel. Bucca can also handle a large dinner party, has several separate rooms and the food cost is reasonable. We could perhaps come up with a buffet type dinner with a target cost of in the $20-$25 per person range, without wine of course.
Oops! I didn't realize that CES has gone back to a late week/ week end format as opposed to the early week/ done by Friday format they followed last year. Anyway - that makes a Thursday night dinner, which is the first day of the show, tough because people are still arriving and we would be competing with a lot of business and/or relationship dinners for the people who have arrived. Pushing the dinner into a week end evening also makes it tough trying to get reervations.

Saturday lunch/brunch might work but we need to move it to Caesars (or a comparable sports book) because there will be NFL playoff games that week end. Unless the Jets lose prior to that week end. J-E-T-S; Jets Jets, Jets!!!
Fatparrot will be landing in Vegas again this year! Sounds like a great idea for a get together, Tenniswino! Sorry, but you obviously had a misspelling in your post. The correct spelling is: P-A-T-S, Pats, Pats, Pats!!! Se ya!
Fatparrot, you got the right start but ended up with a mispelling. It's P-A-C-K, as in GO PACK GO!!!
I will have to jump in the "pack" with Nrchy! I plan to attend my first ever CES this year and will look for plans to meet others as ideas progress.
Albert, I'd love to go and meet everyone, but there is just no way I can do it this year.
I too will keep posted on developments to meet. It would be great to meet those I've been communicating with and reading their input in person.
Certainly a good excuse to go to Vegas. Can one see what hifi and stuff there is to see in two days? Four is pushing it for Ohlala and friends.
As show date draws closer hopefully this thread will remain viable.

Plans for meeting and introducing ourselves would be great. Maybe visit some of the high end exhibits together.

I will have a car as always and no objection to hauling a group to diner. I plan on taking my cell phone, so I can be found anytime. I will probably stay downtown, avoiding "the strip's" traffic and noise.

This can be as organized or loose as participants wish, I am just hoping to add faces to the names that I meet at Audiogon and add to the fun of CES.