Not to be too maudlin, but what will be your Swan Song?

I just ran across this article and after thinking euuuuwww gross, I tried to decide what song I would choose, if I were to "press the flesh", so to speak.  I'm initially thinking the Eagles, "Take it to the limit"; although still thinking of the Eagles, Joe Walsh's, "Life's been good to me so far", might not be too far off base either.

Anyway, here is the article. 

Andvinyly will turn your cremated remains into a playable record.

You can get a vinyl disc made from your ashes, or your pet's ashes, personalised with your own songs and album artwork.

We're all going to go some day. Eventually, each of us will shuffle off this mortal coil, either to move on to pastures new or become one with the void. In 7.5 billion years (give or take), eventually even the Earth will meet its end, engulfed by our expanding Sun.

In the meantime, however, you can have your own cremated ashes pressed into a record by Andvinyly. For £3000, you can get up to 30 discs, each with 24 minutes of audio - 12 minutes per side.

While, at first, the idea might seem bizarre, the short YouTube film - below - does a decent job of selling the idea.

There are also extras you can purchase, such as having original artwork for your record, either by giving Andvinyly a photo or arranging a “pre-death sitting”. For £500 per track you can have tailormade music composed, with lyrics, beats, or styles suggested by the client.

If you're worried that your faithful hound might not be able to join you in the audio afterlife, fear not - you can also have your pet pressed.

Andvinyly says that your record could "travel the world", being redistributed through reputable record stores - though it might take a while for people to get used to the idea.