Not sure what to make of these yet exactly, but they look interesting...

Even if one has the luxury of a dedicated room and or wife approval, all this stuff looks ridiculous in your house.

I invested in some of this stuff. Expensive, but can be setup in a minute. My gear is in a living space, so for serious listening bass traps behind the floorstanders and panels on stands  for 1st reflections. Instant "almost real" 3D sound.

If one has the skills and time, you probably can DIY for much less. 

When Im done, it all goes back in the closet.

Clever.  It could be covered with an art print (made of grill cloth).

Helmholtz resonators were used in the amphitheatres of ancient Greece (empty pots, bottles embedded in the walls) so that part is not new, but using materials to slow down the sound waves is.

The $ for them will likely floor you, as for most of the 'new & improved' (also rediscovered and re-rendered) things...

Likely aimed at architects or acoustic engineers that have a need for such in an application either industrial or some related situation.

tablejock is could diy same for less, and adapt for your space.   And, yes, SAF will be in your face if it's a 'common ground' location...

'Man caves' is sooo passe'....'Audio caves'....;)