Not sure Rumor or Truth that Max Townshend has passed?

someone had told me that Max Townshend has passed away on 12/31/21?  can anyone confirm this sad news?


Condolences to the Townshend family. Max’s genius reached around the world including Australia. We all, I’m sure will miss his contributions to audio world. RIP Max.

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Still got my Rock MkII with the outboard psu. The one with the visible plaster as described by @noromance - at the time it did bottom end like no other. Just like this one sans exquisite paint job.

Max obtained his EE majoring in microwave technology. He also displayed a natural grasp of the core principles of mechanical engineering, which he furthered by entering into a research parnership with the Cranfield Institute of Tecnology (UK) to refine the design of his turntable. Much of this work on vibrational analysis was to translate into further commercial endeavours.

Despite his globe trotting nature and recent commercial success, Max retained his down to earth nature and unique Australian wit. His passing will leave a great void in the industry, and bring great sadness to those who have been personally touched by his brilliance.