Not supposed to work but does anyway...

The girls were out for the weekend, which gave me a chance to not only listen to a few LPs uninterrupted, but also to do a lot of component and speaker switching for fun. Was listening to some female vocal jazz through the ProLogue Three/Seven combo and decided to give the Spica Angeli a rest and hook up a stacked quad of older Bose series VI 901s that I picked up along the 20" long wall window glass with all the curtains up. This was only meant to last a minute, so I did not bother inserting the EQ.

Unboosted bass was more than adequate with the KT88s, and mids were characteristically very clear and present. Balance was way better than I had expected. Top end was rolled off, but not unpleasantly so-- With the room-filling saturation even at low levels, this will make a really nice background setup for a cocktail party that will not intrude but will provide plenty of detail from anywhere in the room for anybody who happens to be listening.

I guess it's like my great-grandfather breeding mules-- sometimes you get something useful when you hook things up that were not meant to be.
Seems that this would be mid range only, which can be pleasant short term.
I get it.
The EQ on the Bose was a full range EQ, for those not knowing about them...those 4.5" drivers, left to their own device, wouldn't play bass OR treble.

In some ways, and I know this is heresy to many audiophiles...yes in an earlier incarnation, I owned 901' the time, I thought them, room filling and fun, with gargantuan mid-bass.

Sounds like you had fun Morgenholz...that's the objective.